Elearning FAQ

My name is Alex Genadinik. I personally answered every question below. Here is my background:

- Over $1,000,000 in online course sales.
- Top 1% Udemy instructor with 500,000+ students.
- Entrepreneur for 15+ years and 8 years in eLearning and online education.
- Coached 1,000+ entrepreneurs.
- Bestselling business author.
- Impacted millions of entrepreneurs worldwide, helping many entrepreneurs create 6 and 7-figure businesses in the process.

How Much Money Can You Make In Elearning?

Most online instructors don't make much money. Only approximately the top 10% of instructors usually earn enough to make Elearning their full-time business. And as in most industries, the closer you are to the top 1%, the more disproportionate are the size of your earnings. The best online instructors top out at a few million dollars per year in passive income. So the question is less about how much money an instructor can make, but how you can become the top 1% instructor.

How Can I Become A Great, Top 1% Online Instructor

It takes a long time to become a great instructor. You have to not only become a great teacher, but also a video creator, editor, and course marketer. For many instructors, this process takes years, especially since most online instructors are not trained in video and audio production and editing, and are often not great presenters. Here are more tips on how to become a great online course instructor.

What Equipment Do I Need To Get Started?

If you are on a tight budget, you can start for free by using your smartphone or computer to record. But there is a single very important piece of equipment that is needed, and that is a great microphone. A good microphone costs from $30-250 depending on the type of microphone. Read this article to learn about the best microphones to create online courses. Of course, in most cases, if you get a microphone, you need accessories like acoustic foam, microphone mount and a pop filter.

In addition to a microphone, if you have the budget for it, you also need a webcam or a camera and video editing software for online courses. Here is a comprehensive list of all the online course equipment you might need. You might also want to read about how much money it takes to start in Elearning so there are no hidden or surprising costs once you get started.

What Types Of Videos Are Best In Online Courses?

There are three popular video formats that are often seen in video training. The simplest format is screencast. That's when the instructor isn't present in the video, but talks over a Powerpoint presentation or something that is being shown on the screen. That's arguably the easiest video format because you don't have to be in the video.

The second most popular video format in video training is what's called a talking head video format. That's where you are just talking to the camera and discussing or showing something.

The third and most difficult video format is the picture in picture format where you are on camera, but a part of the screen is showing something as you present. As the presenter, this requires you to present as well as show things at the same time, which is very difficult to do well.

How Long Should Each Video In A Course Be?

The general wisdom is that students like videos that are around five minutes long. From a lot of experience, I believe that slightly shorter video lengths are ideal. Try to aim to have your videos be from 3:30 to 5:00 minutes long. If you are presenting a complicated topic, your video length can be slightly longer. For complicated topics, try to keep your topics between five and ten minutes.

Unless it's very necessary, keep all videos under ten minutes. Here is a longer tutorial on how long each video be in an online course.

How Long Should Each Course Be?

If you are a new instructor and it's your first course, you should keep your course under two or at most three hours in video duration. It's going to be shorter than many popular courses, but actually launching a course is more important. You can improve it over time and add content, but it's necessary to get students into the course early so you can get initial feedback and observe how engaged your students are.

Eventually, you can make your courses longer. Students tend to buy longer courses more because longer ones feel like they would be better and more comprehensive than shorter ones in the eyes of potential buyers. But don't get carried away by the course length. The most important thing is that you teach in a succinct and clear manner. Here is a full article on how long an online course should be.

How Can I Take Courses As A Student With Discounts

I offer Udemy course discounts on nearly 100 of my own courses all the time. I also regularly add to that page. If you are new to Udemy, their sale system can be quite confusing. Here is how Udemy deals work and what you can get on the current Udemy sale.

Here is a list of my discounts for courses on specific topics:


- YouTube courses
- PLR marketing courses
- Udemy marketing courses
- Udemy social media marketing courses
- SEO course discounts and coupons

Personal development:

- Personal development course discounts
- Mindset course discounts


- Courses on how to make money online
- Cryptocurrency
- Metaverse and Cryptocurrency

Design and programming:

- Design PLR courses

Foreign language courses:

- White label language courses

More Details About Content Licensing

What Are White Label Courses?

White label courses are one which you can buy in order to edit in a way that would make it appear as they were created by your brand. You can edit the videos and place your logo on the videos, and edit just about any other part of the course.

What Are All The Ways You Can Create Courses?

You can create courses either by filming them on your own, getting co-instructors to create courses, licensing courses, or having them custom created.

I offer a custom course creation service through which I can create a custom course for you. Some people refer to this as done for you online courses. If this is an interesting option for you, here is a page to learn more about me, your potential online course creator. My name is Alex Genadinik. I am a veteran and a top 1% online instructor.

I also partner with top course development companies to create custom corporate Elearning solutions. Such corporate Elearning solutions tend to be involve a combination of course licensing, new course creation, building an online course management system, and an online course Ecommerce website.

Is It Possible To Start An Elearning Business In One Day Or One Week?

It's possible to start your Elearning quickly. If you have to create your courses, it takes time. But you can save time by licensing courses and having your courses uploaded to an online course hosting site like Thinkific or Teachable.

What Goes Into Planning An Elearning Business?

As a part of planning your online course business, you must identify your niche, how you will create courses, how you will promote courses, and how much money you need to generate in order to make this a sustainable venture for you.

How Do You Find A Good Elearning Niche?

As far as your niche, you must teach something you know very well as well as a topic that is lucrative. Here is a full article about how to choose your Elearning business niche and how lucrative each Elearning niche might be. Udemy provides a tool for instructors to research different course niches so if you plan to teach on Udemy, make sure you use the free tool they provide.

Do You Offer PLR Licensing And White Label Courses?

I offer 125+ PLR courses that I created and hundreds of courses made by other top instructors. Through this licensing, new course websites can have many courses to resell overnight.

Under my PLR license, you can have white label online courses to resell because the license allows you to change and part of the videos or the course sales page.

Here are all my PLR courses you can license:

- Internet marketing strategies
- Social media marketing
- Facebook marketing and Facebook ads
- YouTube marketing PLR course
- SEO keyword research and link-building
- Internet marketing PLR course
TikTok marketing
- Instagram marketing
- Personal branding and influencer marketing
- Sales copywriting
- Digital marketing PLR courses

Business plan and strategy courses available for PLR licensing

- Learn about all my PLR business courses - How to write a business plan
- How to write a marketing plan
- How to find your business niche
- How to start a business
- Customer service course

Productivity and personal development video courses for PLR licensing

- Time management
- Mindset
- Procrastination
- Management and leadership
- Motivation PLR course
- Emotional Intelligence
- Goal setting
- Spirituality courses
- Self-improvement courses
- Happiness and fulfilment

Sales courses available for PLR licensing

- General sales training
- How to increase sales conversion
- B2B sales and lead generation
- How to boost sales of anything

Courses on how to make money online available for PLR licensing

- Affiliate marketing
- Ecommerce marketing
- Freelancing on Fiverr
- Bitcoin investing
- Business coaching
- How to write a book, sell your book on Amazon, and become a bestselling Amazon author
- Mobile app business

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Bitcoin video courses for PLR licensing

- Trading and investing in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
- Using Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in everyday life
- Understanding the basics of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
- Here is a page with all my available Cryptocurrency PLR courses

Professional skill video training via PLR licensing

- Google G Suite
- Spreadsheets, Google Sheets, and Excel
- Google Docs
- English grammar and writing

Technology, programming, JavaScript courses available for PLR licensing

- Web development and design
- JavaScript jQuery, programming and Angular
- React JS
- Python coding
- Java programming
- .Net programming
- Android mobile app development
- Unreal game engine
- GameMaker Studio
- Virtual Reality (VR) game programming
- Data Science and Analysis
- C# Programming
- C++ Programming for beginners
- xCode Programming
- iOS and Swift Programming
- NodeJs
- Bootstrap programming
- Ruby on Rails Programming
- Microsoft Excel
- Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash
- Certified web developer course (certification)
- Project management for start-ups and Project management using Microsoft Project
- Bootstrap responsive design for mobile websites
- Game development with Unity

- This page offers more information on programming and technology PLR courses.

Music and guitar courses

- Music, songwriting, and guitar

Health and fitness courses

- Health and fitness PLR courses

Foreign Language Courses

- White label foreign language PLR courses

PLR Coaching

- PLR for coaching programs - training packages for coaches to sell to their clients.

What Is The Contract Like For The Online License Of Courses To Resell?

The terms of the licensing contract are designed to be simple. I want it to be easy and profitable for people to work with my courses so in an effort to make that happen, I made the licensing terms as flexible as I could.

After a company or an individual license my courses, they can edit any part of the course, price, title, description, and any detail in the individual videos. I also provide lifetime updates and the licensee can collect 100& of the revenue they generate from their sale. Here is a full article explaining the resell rights of courses in more detail.

Do You Offer MRR (Master Resale Rights) Online Courses?

I offer the option to buy online courses to resell which gives you master resale rights when you license my courses. If you license my courses with the MRR license, the licensing fee is increased by 25% over the regular PLR licensing fee which is the fee if you just want to license courses to sell to your students.

Some people confuse whether MRR stands for Master Resale Rights or Regular Recurring Revenue. In licensing, it stands for Master Resale Rights, which means that if you license a course from me, you are able to do more with it than to just sell it to students. You will be able to license it to other online course websites for a licensing fee.

Can I Offer A Certificate When I Resell These Courses?

Online courses aren't officially certified. The certifications come from the companies that offer the courses. So you can create a certificate that you send to students who complete 100% of the course. So while the course itself doesn't carry a certification, the students can get a certificate.

You can also position the course explaining to students that it's the beginning of preparation for real certification. This reassures students that they are getting on track to receive a real certificate. Here is a tutorial on how to make the most out of white label course certificates even though online courses can't provide accredited certificates.

Are These Truly White Label Courses?

White labeling means rebranding something under your brand. You can do that with a course except the instructor can't be rebranded. Someone has to teach the course. In fact, students want to know who their instructor is and they want the instructor to be knowledgeable and experienced in the field they are teaching.

So instead of trying to erase the instructor, you should use the instructor's brand to make your course feel better and more valuable to potential students. Here is more information on what parts of the course to white label.

Can You Create The Course And Website For Me From Scratch?

Yes, I offer a custom course creation service and done for you custom course creation service where I discuss your course idea, create an outline with you, and film the course by myself and present you with the finished product in a few weeks.

I also offer services that do just about everything in your business for you. You can achieve that through online course franchising where you take my online course business and have a similar one created for you on your website. You can also have a white label online course platform created for you where you get a website and courses that are ready to resell almost overnight.

How Can I License Courses For My PLR Membership Website?

You can get a package of books and courses to license for your PLR membership website. If you have existing membership website clients, you can use the courses as an upsell to sell to your existing clients. Or you can use the books and courses as monthly giveaways in order to retain and engage your membership site subscribers.

Have More Questions Or Want My Coaching?

I offer Elearning coaching to help you get up to speed in your Elearning business. To get started, please email me at alex.genadinik@gmail.com

Should Your Courses Have Quizzes?

I've taken student surveys and about 50% of the students who responded said that they took course quizzes and appreciate it when courses contain quizzes. In my course reviews I observed that out of the students who take quizzes, few of them are extremely particular about quiz quality and rate the course much lower if they simply don't like the quizzes. This means that you should definitely have quizzes in your courses and take the time to ask intelligent questions that challenge students.

How Do You Create A Course Outline?

During the planning stages of your course, one way to get organized is to create an outline of sections and the lectures that would go inside the sections. Sections are major parts of the course. A good way to think of them is the way you would think about chapters in a book. Each section or chapter is typically broken up into a few smaller parts. So when you are creating your course outline, first create the section outline and then add the different things you'll discuss in each section.