License business courses


1 course: $500 for lifetime license and updates.

5+ courses: $400 per course.


1) Pick the courses you want from Jim Bruce's List of music courses.

2) After you license the courses, you get the original videos via DropBox within 24-48 business hours. You can edit them however you like and sell them on your own website.

130+ High-Quality Business, Marketing, Technology Courses With Ongoing Support And Updates

For business, marketing, and technology courses, check out my main PLR courses page.

How To License A Course

1) Let me know how many of my courses you want to license and which courses you want.

2) Once you license the courses, you will receive all the course content via DropBox within 24 business hours, often within 1 hour.

3) You can resell them on your site or additional sites you and I agree on.

4) You can change the course name, price, description and individual videos as much as you like.

5) You keep 100% of lifetime revenue of sales through your website or additional sites you and I agree on.

6) I will continue to sell the courses on Udemy, Skillshare and my own website.


Get the licensing process started by emailing me at:

Benefits Of Licensing, White Labeling A Course, Or Having One Made For You

Licensing saves you time, money and effort of creating the course and you can begin selling courses the same day you license them.

The first benefit of acquiring private label content is immediate revenue. A course is a standalone product that you can immediately sell to your audience, and generate revenue.

If you sell one course to your audience, you can sell them many courses. This is the beauty of licensing the courses from me, or having my courses white-labeled. Since I have so many courses, imagine how much money you can make if your customers buy 5, 10, 25, 50 or even 100 courses over time!

How To Start Your Own Elearning Business

The eLearning industry is one of the fastest growing, most lucrative, and most popular industries right now. The eCourse industry is a part of the eLearning industry that deals with selling courses, and it is one of the fastest growing segments of the overall eLearning industry. When you license the courses, you immediately get into the eCourse industry without having to buy recording equipment, filming, creating courses and spending weeks or months to launch your first course.

The challenge most people face is that they are not able to create good courses on popular topics. Even if they do create good courses, they are not able to sell their online courses. To help you solve those challenges I created an option for you where I can coach and guide you through the process of starting your own profitable eLearning business. To learn more about it, check out this article on how to start an eLearning business.

And if you feel like you might benefit from getting coaching about Udemy or Elearning in general, you can hire me as your Elearning coach.

Difference Between PLR (Private Label Rights), White Label Licensing and Affiliate

PLR and white label licensing is essentially the same thing. There is one important point for you to keep in mind. With traditional white label licensing, you can usually brand the products as your own. In the case of courses, I or other instructors sometimes appear in the videos so you can say that you partnered with us and use our established personal brands to build your credibility.

For a 1-time fee, you will be able to sell the courses as your own. You will have full rights to resell the courses on your website. This is much better than any affiliate marketing model because you will get to keep 100% of the lifetime revenue that you will be able to generate. With a commission-based affiliate model on Udemy, you only keep 40% of your sales.

The PLR (private label rights) license allows you to acquire the ecourses at a much lower price than if you had to create the courses on your own or if you had to pay someone to create the courses from scratch. Additionally, the PLR (private label rights) license option allows you to acquire the courses and begin selling them within hours instead of having to wait weeks or months for courses to be created.

Another advantage of the PLR (private label rights) license is that in addition to saving time and money, you gain the authority and expertise of an industry expert. When you acquire my courses through PLR (private label rights) license, you get proven, quality courses and my online brand. I am a known online entrepreneur, and my name has recognition in the online entrepreneurship space. You will be able to leverage my online brand to sell more courses for your business. Browse all the PLR online courses for sale, and see which can boost your business.

White Label Books Through the PLR License Model

Additional private label content you can license are 20 of my business and marketing books. Here is a list of all my books available for PLR white label licensing. The books cover topics like business planning, productivity, marketing, mobile apps, and other business fundamentals. Take a look at the full article about how my PLR white label licensing for books works.

The books are much higher quality than other books usually available for PLR so you can be confident of the books when using them in your business.

Want To Be A Student In My Online Courses? Here Are Some Discounts

Here is a list of most of my courses, and discounts for each of them. Here are some Udemy course discounts for many of my popular online courses for sale.

Now Available: Franchise My Elearning Business

You can have an elearning business created for you from scratch. You would have your own elearning website made for you, get my courses, and even get ongoing coaching from me until you feel confident on your own. Here is a page where you can learn more about franchising opportunities for many online courses. You can have everything set up and get started in as early as one month.