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My name is Alex Genadinik. I am a top 1% Udemy instructor. I've been in Elearning since 2014, and have over 500,000 students. Here is my Udemy teaching profile.

Elearning is a fantastic industry, and I can help you start in the best possible way. Here are things I can help you with the most:

1) Create courses to sell on Udemy or other Elearning marketplaces.

2) Create courses to sell on your own website.

3) Promote courses as an affiliate.

4) Sell courses you license through PLR (Private Label Rights).

5) Improve your video and audio creation skills, and become a better teacher and presenter.

Coaching Prices

1 hour of coaching - $200/hour.

8-week "Course Launch Success Coaching Program" - $2,500.

Get started! Please email me, and let me know that you are interested in my coaching:

An Experienced Online Course Coach Gets Results In The First 5-10 Minutes

The immediate help you will get from an online course coach, which can begin as early as the first five minutes of working together is identification of your common misconceptions and pitfalls. After that, what should follow is a recreation or adjustment of your strategy to avoid such errors.

Even if you only did this and nothing else, a session with an online course coach would save you from months of wrong effort and potentially thousands of dollars.

How The 1-Hour Coaching Session Will Go

After you make the payment, we will set up a time to get on a video call through Skype or Zoom. On the call, I'll answer any questions you have about starting an Elearning business, and we'll outline a strategy for you to move forward.

After the call, you'll have a much better understanding of what will work and what won't, and you'll have a clear path forward. I'll also prevent you from making obvious errors that would otherwise waste months of effort.

If I can help you long-term, I'll suggest a regular meeting schedule. But in many cases, one hour is quite eye-opening, and can be all you need.

8-Week Course Launch Success Coaching Program

This is a good option if you are set on starting in Elearning, and want to make it your main focus, and your full-time work. In that case, an online course coach is ideal to work with long-term to help you achieve success sooner. We'll do a deep-dive into Elearning over 8 sessions and cover these topics:

- Planning course niche and long-term strategy.
- Online course business plan.
- Help you become great at filming and recording.
- Create a marketing strategy for you.
- Position you for long-term success as an instructor.
- Set you on the path to making teaching online your full-time business.

Additional value:

- I'll also help you hands on by doing your on-Udemy keywords research and SEO.
- I'll create a catchy course title and write a great description.
- Free access to any of my content.
- Have my ongoing support.

8-Week Course Launch - What We Will Do Each Week

Week 1: Choosing your niche and researching competition.
Week 2: Planning your future 1-10 courses and whether it's best to sell on Udemy or your own website.
Week 3: Beginning filming your videos.
Week 4: Helping you improve as a video creator and editor.
Week 5: More video and audio improvement and first course structure completion.
Week 6: Review of your initial videos.
Week 7: Creation of your complete sales landing page on Udemy with great copywriting and SEO.
Week 8: Review of how your course is doing and adjustments.

Additional Ways An Online Course Coach Can Help

In addition to my Elearning coaching, I offer the course licensing option through which you can license my courses to sell on your website and keep 100% lifetime revenue. This option helps you acquire courses overnight so you can skip the course-creation process.

If you need even more help, I offer the Elearning franchise option which comes with my courses to resell, a website, and coaching in one package.

Custom Course Creation

In case none of my currently-available content fit your needs, I also offer custom course creation so you can get a course that is perfect for your needs. Some people refer to this as done for you online course creation.

In addition to custom content creation for small businesses, I also offer corporate Elearning platform development which can get you an online LMS (Learning Management System) populated with courses. I'll be your course creator in most cases. If I can't help you directly, I'll be able to refer you to one of the custom Elearning development companies I partner with.

What Else An Online Course Coach Can Help With

The typical things I can help with are:

- Choosing a niche
- Creating a roadmap for Elearning to become your full-time business
- Deciding whether to sell the course on your website, on Udemy, or other Elearning marketplaces
- Pricing
- Marketing strategies
- Video and audio coaching

If you have more questions about how I can help or anything related to Elearning, read through my Elearning FAQ to learn more.

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