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My name is Alex Genadinik. I run a custom Elearning development company and I can help you create your custom courses.

If I can't create a course on the topic you need, I can refer you to other custom course development companies that can create courses on the topic you need.


I am a top 1% online course creator. I am a top 1% instructor on Udemy. I've been in Elearning since 2014 and have 500,000+ students.

To create custom corporate training on a wide range of topics, I partner with a number of popular online instructors and Elearning development companies which specialize in different niches.

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How The Custom Elearning Development Process Works

1) Email me and explain your needs regarding custom Elearning development. Every situation is different so it helps If I understand your needs.

2) If your needs are relatively straight forward, I can suggest a path to move forward over email. But in many cases, I might suggest that we get on a call to discuss your situation and create a plan together whether you need corporate E Learning platform or one for a small business.

3) If I can help you, I'll send you a quote and a potential project timeline. If I can't help you myself, I'll refer you to one of my partner custom Elearning development companies.

Pricing For Course Creation

- $5,000 per hour of content for regular high-quality course content.

- $15,000 per hour of content for broadcast-quality custom corporate training, which is the best possible quality.

Why Are Custom Courses So Expensive?

Broadcast quality for custom corporate training usually requires hiring expensive subject matter experts who are also good presenters (a rare find). They also require a team of editors and other support staff. A big part of the course fee goes to the team of experts who will be creating your course.

Typical high-quality courses (slightly lower quality than broadcast quality, but still very good) still require planning, recording, editing, and many other behind-the-scenes tasks to get you a great final result. A big part of the fee pays for manual labor.

Full Custom Corporate Elearning Solutions Available

If you have complex needs to either create an Elearning solution for internal corporate needs or to add a full and custom online course section to your website to sell to clients, I can help you with full custom corporate Elearning development to fit your needs. This is a great option for established businesses who want all their online course content creation and the building of their course website fully outsourced.

You Get Top Instructors And Top Elearning Development Companies

My custom Elearning course development is focused on courses within the following niches: business planning, business strategy, digital marketing, personal development, and professional skills.

The companies I partner with to help you create different types of online courses specialize in technology and programming topics.

I only partner with proven and successful instructors and companies so you are assured of getting the best of the best in Elearning to help your project.

Cheaper Option: License Existing Courses Instead Of Custom Course Creation

If the rates for custom online course creation and done for you courses feel high, another option is to license courses. I have hundreds of existing courses available to be licensed and acquired overnight.

For more information on using pre-made courses, please read about how my option to white label online courses to resell.

Why Licensing Existing Courses Is Cheaper Than Creating Custom Courses

If you hire custom Elearning development companies to create courses and/or your entire white label online course platform, it is much cheaper and faster than doing it on your own.

If you create the courses on your own, you will need to buy:

- Studio space (and time looking for it)
- Microphones (and time researching it)
- Cameras (and time researching it, learning how to use it, and learning videography)
- Video editing software (researching it and learning to use it)
- Hiring staff (plus time interviewing, firing, re-hiring, and managing)

While these costs are significant, you also have an additional cost of going through the learning curve of learning how to teach and present. Many people take this for granted, but it's a very important skill when teaching courses.

This can easily take tens of thousands of dollars and time that you don't have. That's why it's better to have proven experts create your content for you at cheaper prices than what it would cost you. Plus, you will get courses that are orders of magnitude better that what any first-time course creator can create.

Additional Options For Starting Your Elearning Business

You can get much more than just having your courses created. You can also get your Elearning website made for you and have ongoing coaching to help you through the process. You can franchise my business which gets you coaching, courses, and an Elearning website. Or you can simply choose to have your own white label online course platform created for you and populated with my courses ready to sell.

Just Starting? Get Elearning Coaching

In case you are just starting your online business, I am also available for Elearning coaching to help you plan, create, and promote your course business.

Email Me To Get Started

If you want to license my existing courses, need custom course creation, need an Elearning website built for you, or just have questions, email me at: