White label courses


1) Lifetime updates so your course never gets outdated.

2) I am a top 1% instructor on Udemy, and I only resell courses by other top instructors.

3) Support for you and your students.


1 course: $500 for lifetime license and updates.

5-100 courses: $400 per course for lifetime license and updates.

100 courses: $25,000 for lifetime license and updates.


1) Pick from my list of 170+ business and marketing courses.

2) If you need programming or technical courses, please email me and I'll send you the lists of courses I have available.

3) Email me the list of courses you'd like to license alex.genadinik@gmail.com and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

4) After you license the courses, you get the original videos via Dropbox within 24 business hours. You can edit the content however you like, and sell it on your own website.

Types Of Videos In These White Label Courses

There are 3 types of video:

1) Screencast - the instructor typically does not appear in the video, and only the screen is shown. These types of videos are easy to white label.

2) Presentations - these are similar to PowerPoint presentations where the instructor talks about the video subject matter, but the instructor does not appear in the video.

3) Talking head videos - these are video in which the instructor appears. There are few such videos, and they are typically reserved for introducing the course. To white label such videos, you can either leave them out of the course or put b-roll footage over the instructor so the instructor's audio is left, but the instructor no longer appears in the video.

Email me at: alex.genadinik@gmail.com to get started.

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More On Why My White Label Courses Are Top Quality

What Are White Label Courses

White label suggests that you can take an existing course and treat it as something that has not been branded yet. "White label" means that the branding is up to you, and you can brand the courses as your own. The challenge is that unlike with other kinds of white label products, courses have a human instructor who speaks and sometimes appears on the videos.

With courses, you have to decide how much editing you want to do in order for the course to feel like it's a part of your brand. Often, you don't have to do much editing at all. In fact, the less editing you do, the cheaper and faster the whole process will go for you.

How To White Label The Audio

To fully white-label the courses, you either re-record the audio. But the recommendation is to leave the instructor's original audio. It's most natural, and it won't add extra work to you.

Which Parts Of These White Label Courses Can You Edit?

You can edit:

1) Course title
2) Course subtitle
3) Course price
4) Course description
5) Course author
6) Video content
7) Put your branding on any part of the course

The Best Way To Work With These White Label Courses

While you can edit any part of the courses, it's faster and cheaper for you if you don't. The courses come ready to be sold, so you are welcome to upload them to your course platform and begin selling them the same day you buy them.

Trust: Why Other Top-1% Instructors Exclusively Work With Me To White Label Their Courses

Since I am a top instructor, other experienced instructors trust me with their courses and reputation. Over the years, I built a network of individually-invited, top instructors to white label their training through my service.

About My 150+ Business And Marketing White Label Courses

1) I am the only creator of white label courses who provides course updates. The content you buy from me will never become outdated!

2) Many of these courses have been getting improved based on student feedback for years, ensuring that the content you license will get better over time since I am constantly improving them.

3) Ongoing support for you: I am your point-of-contact person from beginning to end. We can get on an initial call to help you choose the best content for your needs. I'm also available if you run into any confusion through the uploading process.

4) Ongoing support for your students: I can answer questions by your students as long as the volume of questions doesn't become overwhelming.

Email me at: alex.genadinik@gmail.com to get started.

plr courses

Why My White Label Courses Are The Best Option

Get content by made by top online instructors, each with with 10+ years in online education! You can buy white label courses to resell anywhere other than on Udemy because I sell them on Udemy. So while you can't sell them on Udemy, you can white label and resell the courses anywhere else.

How The Licensing Process Works

1) Browse my list of courses, and let me know which ones you want.

2) Once you license the courses, you will receive the content via Dropbox within 24 business hours, often within 1 hour.

3) You can change the course name, price, description, and edit individual videos.

4) You keep 100% of lifetime revenue from sales you generate.

5) I will continue to sell on Udemy and my own website.

6) Ongoing support: I will make myself available and help you through your journey as you build your Elearning business. No other provider of PLR courses does that.

7) Get course updates: For years to come, when I make updates to the videos, I'll upload them to the Dropbox folders that I share with you, so you will continue to have the latest updates. No other provider of PLR courses does that.


Get started by emailing me at: alex.genadinik@gmail.com

How Much Time And Money You Save When You Buy White Label Courses

When you white label content that is already created and ready to resell, it saves you months of effort of creating the content. You can use that saved time to start your business sooner, and focus on what's important: sales! You can begin selling the courses as early as today!

The first benefit of acquiring existing courses is immediate revenue. A video course is a standalone product that you can immediately sell to your audience and generate revenue.

If you sell one course to your audience, you can sell many. This is the beauty of buying many white label courses from me. Since I have so much content, imagine how much money you can make if you can consistently get users who become long-term students (hopefully life-long learners), and buy 5, 10, 25, 50, or even 100 classes over time!

Which White Label Courses You Can License

I have 150+ high-quality courses available. You can white label courses that contain over 10,000 original and unbranded videos. You can find all my courses on my Udemy instructor page.

If you don't find topics you want on my list, I manage about 500 additional online classes made by other instructors. Email me and let me know what training topics you are looking for, and I'll get you high-quality online video courses on topics you need.

I cover popular topics like business, personal development, and digital marketing including social media marketing, Facebook marketing, SEO marketing, business planning, business strategy, and much more. Much of the content comes with downloadable resources, and practical exercises, which creates an amazing learning experience.

Here is a list of my popular PLR courses and topics:

White Label Marketing Courses

- Internet marketing strategies to reach 1,000,000 people with SEO and social media
- Social media marketing
- Facebook marketing and Facebook ads
- YouTube marketing
- SEO keyword research and link-building
- YouTube Ads (Formerly YouTube AdWords) video training
- Internet marketing
- TikTok marketing
- Instagram marketing
- Personal branding and influencer marketing
- Sales copywriting
- Other digital marketing topics like viral marketing, Reddit marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Twitter marketing, and more.

White Label Business Courses

- How to write a business plan
- How to write a marketing plan
- How to find your business niche
- How to start a business
- Customer service
- Cryptocurrency courses

Personal Development White Label Courses

- Time management
- Procrastination
- Management and leadership
- Motivation PLR course
- Emotional Intelligence
- Goal setting
- Self-help and self-improvement
- Success mindset and discipline training
- Happiness and fulfilment

White Label Sales Courses

- General sales training
- How to increase sales conversion
- B2B sales and lead generation
- How to boost sales of anything

Courses On How To Make Money Online

- Affiliate marketing
- Ecommerce marketing
- Freelancing on Fiverr
- Bitcoin investing
- Business coaching
- How to write a book, sell your book on Amazon, and become a bestselling Amazon author
- Mobile app business

Cryptocurrency White Label Courses

- Trading and investing in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
- Using Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in everyday life
- Understanding the basics of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Professional Skills

- Google G Suite and Google Docs
- Spreadsheets, Google Sheets, and Excel
- Powerpoint presentations
- English grammar and writing

Health And Fitness

- Diet, exercise, and weight loss
- Yoga
- Weight training and calisthenics

Additional 300 Technology And Programming To White Label And Resell

I work with prominent instructors who teach programming and technology topics.

Here are some of the technology, programming, and JavaScript content available for PLR licensing:

- Web development and design
- JavaScript: jQuery, Angular, and more
- React JS
- Python coding
- Java programming
- .Net programming
- Android mobile app development
- Unreal game engine
- GameMaker Studio
- Virtual Reality (VR) game programming
- Data Science and Analysis
- C# Programming
- C++ Programming for beginners
- iOS and Swift Programming
- NodeJs
- Ruby on Rails Programming
- Microsoft Excel
- Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash
- Certified web developer (certification)
- Server administration, systems admin
- Project management for start-ups and Project management using Microsoft Project
- Bootstrap responsive design for mobile websites
- Game development with Unity
- Programming for kids

Why White Label Courses Are The Cheapest Option

Teaching and creating video training on your own requires:

1) Expensive audio and video equipment.
2) Learning to film, edit, and present well.
3) Weeks and sometimes months to create one or a few classes.
4) Hiring staff and freelancers.
5) Months or years to gather student feedback, update, and perfect the course.

When you buy classes from me, you can get hundreds of them overnight. Plus, they are created by expert instructors, and many of the videos will already have undergone years of improvements. All you have to do is focus on sales.

How To Start Your Own Elearning Business

You can create your own online academy by using a service like Thinkific or Teachable to upload, host, and sell your courses. If you need help with that, I can help you create your website and upload your courses.

I can help you with many elements of starting your Elearning business like helping you find a domain name, creating a marketing strategy, and much more. For all the elements of the Elearning business you'll need, check out this page on how to start an eLearning business.

Difference Between PLR Courses, White Label Courses, And Reselling As An Affiliate

When I refer to PLR courses, white label courses, private labeling, or selling as an affiliate, these are similar, but not the same. White labeling means that you will rebrand the courses and resell the courses as your own brand. Licensing courses under the PLR model means you just get the content and are allowed to resell the courses as they are. Affiliate marketing means that you will get a commission for your sales.

I don't offer an affiliate option for my courses. But I do offer the PLR license or the white label option.

Create Your Own Online Course Website

Once you license the content, you can use it in many ways on your membership website. You can give some of the content away as a teaser or lead magnets to get customer email addresses. Or you can sell the courses on your membership sites to make profit directly.

The best part of getting this content for your membership sites is that you never have to waste time creating content, and you can have additional new content every month. This is also content you can sell when you run your digital marketing campaigns and sell through social media, webinars, and other strategies. The best part is that you can make your sales profitable by selling course bundles.

Common Elearning Platforms

I can use online course platforms like Teachable, Thinkific, Kajabi, or other Elearning LMS (Learning Management System) tools to create your online school. When you use the white labeling option, I'll be able to create a completely white label training website for you. All you have to do is choose the courses you want.

Pricing For White Label Elearning Website Creation

The website creation fee is $1,000, and the upload fee is an additional $25 per each hour of uploaded content.

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