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Licensing Process For This Instagram PLR Course

1) Once the payment is complete, you will receive the content via Dropbox within 24 business hours, often within 1 hour.

2) You can resell the courses on your website or additional sites you and I agree on.

3) You can change the course name, price, description, and edit individual videos.

4) You keep 100% of lifetime revenue of sales through your website.

5) I will continue to sell the courses on Udemy and my own website.

6) Ongoing support: I will be available and help you through your journey as you build your online course business. None of the other PLR licensing providers do that.

7) Course updates: For years to come, when I make updates to the course, I'll upload them to the Dropbox folder I share with you, so you continue to have all the latest course updates. None of the other PLR licensing providers do that.


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About This Instagram PLR Course

This PLR Instagram course is over one hour in duration. It's almost all screencast video showing how to use different features of Instagram. It covers free Instagram marketing, hashtags, reels, stories, posts, and Instagram ads. The course walks students through initial stages of setting up and growing an Instagram account. The examples in the course are from my account of growing my music brand on Instagram. The course level is beginner. It's target audience are people who have a business or brand that they need to grow, but are not proficient with Instagram marketing.

The videos come in a few formats: screencast videos, talking head videos, and Powerpoint presentations.

The reason my personal Instagram account is used is so I can show all the insider behind-the-scenes strategies and transparently walk students through everything I did. Since Instagram is a part of Facebook, the course also covers the basics of Facebook ads setup. I plan to add more content to the course so as my own account grows, I'll be able to show more unique strategies in the course. People who license the course will get the updates for no extra charge. Once you license the course, you get lifetime updates.

This PLR Instagram Course Magically Improves Over Time

Unlike other courses that get worse over time because they become outdated, my course actually improves because I meticulously test the course, get student feedback, and make improvements to it. Plus, when Instagram changes its design or how it works, I'll make appropriate updates. You don't have to do anything. You'll just get the updates in your Dropbox folder.

If you notice that Instagram has changed, but this course has not, you'll be able to email me with suggestions for improvements. I often make updates after student or client requests.

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I am a veteran online instructor and I made 125+ courses over the years. You can license most of them. Here is a page to learn about all my PLR courses.

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Why This Instagram PLR Course Is The Best Option

Is This Truly A White Label Instagram PLR Course?

Videos can't be 100% white labeled like widgets sold on Amazon because in a course, someone has to be the instructor. Students want to know who their instructor is and they want their instructor to be reputable and authoritative.

Everything else about the videos can be white label. So use my personal brand as an advantage to give your training more credibility.

Additional Elearning Services

You can also franchise my Elearning business. Under the franchise model, you get three things:

1) A bundle of my courses of your choosing.
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3) Ongoing coaching to help you succeed.

Custom Course Creation If You Don't Find Content You Need

It is much cheaper to license existing courses. Do your best to find an existing course that fits your needs. Custom content creation is available, but it is much more expensive because it requires manual labor, research, filming, and sometimes even the hiring of experts. Plus, it takes a number of weeks whereas licensing courses makes them available to you overnight.

Here is how the custom course creation process works. I also offer custom solution for corporate Elearning programs including building your corporate Elearning platform.

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