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1 course: $500 for lifetime license and updates.

5+ courses: $400 per course for lifetime license and updates.

100 courses: $25,000 for lifetime license and updates.


My name is Alex Genadinik. I am a top 1% online instructor with 500,000+ students. My courses come with support and updates, so you get the best content that never get outdated.

John Bura - teaching programming and technology.

Mark Lassoff - teaching programming and technology.

Start The Process & How It Works

1) Choose courses that fit your needs. Here are my business and marketing courses. Here are Mark's technology courses. Here are John Bura's technology courses.

2) Email me the list of courses you want and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

3) Once the payment is complete, you will receive all the content via Dropbox within 24 business hours, often within 1 hour.

4) You can resell the content on your site and additional Elearning sites outside of Udemy.

5) You can change the course name, price, description, and edit any of the videos to customize the content for your needs.

6) You keep 100% of lifetime revenue of sales you generate.

7) I will continue to sell on Udemy and my own website.

8) Ongoing support: I will make myself available and help you through your journey as you build your Elearning business. No other PLR licensing provider does that.

9) Course updates: For years to come, when I make updates to the course, I'll upload them to the Dropbox folder I share with you so you continue to have all the latest course updates. No other PLR licensing provider does that.

About These Courses You Can Buy And Resell

The option to buy online courses to resell gives your business potentially hundreds of courses overnight. This solves the problem of having to film, edit, and create your own videos, which would take months to create. The videos you would get are top 1% in quality, and are made by experienced and popular instructors who create world-class content. I am a top-1% instructor myself, and I only work with other top-1% instructors whose training I resell. Plus, when you buy from me, your courses get better over time because I regularly update them. I am the only instructor who updates their courses. If you buy courses from other vendors, they just get outdated over time.

The classes tend to range from one to ten hours in length. They are almost all video, and most of them also contain quizzes and downloadable resources.

Buy Online Courses To Resell In Other Topics

I also offer content on topics like language learning, health and fitness, and music.

If you need content on other topics, I can acquire content on additional topics from my network of instructors. In the worst case, I also offer custom content creation. So please email me, and let me know which courses you need, and I'll let you know if I'll be able to help.

Buy Online Courses To Resell In Business Topics

I specialize in creating training in business topics. Some of the popular business topics I offer are leadership PLR courses, personal development, and various professional skills. Some of my popular content focuses on online entrepreneurship like this affiliate marketing PLR course, Cryptocurrency PLR courses, and similar topics.

I also partner with bestselling instructors who teach topics like design PLR, technology, and programming.

Buy Online Courses To Resell In Digital Marketing

I also specialize in creating training on digital marketing. Some of the popular topics I teach cover SEO, social media, TikTok marketing, Instagram marketing, Facebook ads, Twitter, and other creative marketing such as personal branding and virality.

When It Makes Sense To Buy Online Courses To Resell

If you've been wanting to start your own Elearning business, but don't want to spend months filming and creating videos, buying courses can help you start an Elearning business in one day by getting you all the content you need overnight, so you can start your business sooner. Everything will be done for you, so all you will have to do is focus on sales.

When you license courses or have custom training made for you, you also don't need to buy expensive equipment or spend time learning how to use that equipment. Everything is done for you by experts.

Video About My Content Quality And Processes

Buying Online Courses To Resell Is Cheaper And Faster Than Creating From Scratch

If you are new to the online course business, it might not seem apparent how long it takes to create your own online courses. Sure, you can point a camera and record yourself talking. But that would result in a bad course. Good courses also contain interesting visuals, quizzes, practice questions, and most importantly, years of improvement based on student suggestions.

It also takes years for you to become better as an instructor. Everyone has a learning curve and whenever we get into a new industry, there are many things we need to learn that we didn't know were going to be a challenge. The same is true for the Elearning industry.

It might take months or a year to create a few courses if you are creating them by yourself. Plus, it takes many years and many course updates to reach the quality that an experienced online instructor can create. That's why it's so much faster to buy online courses to resell, especially from an expert instructor.

Services In Addition To Buying Online Courses To Resell

You can also franchise my online course business. Under the franchise model, you get three things:

1) A bundle of my courses of your choosing.
2) A website built for you with the content you chose.
3) Ongoing coaching to help you succeed.

In addition to franchising, you can get a white label online course platform created for you full of content you license. You can think of it as business in a box where overnight you have a website and classes on it that you can sell. All you have to focus on is just sales. If you were to create this on your own, it would take months or years to create multiple high-quality courses and your own special Elearning website.

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