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These courses are: $500 each for lifetime license because they are all extremely comprehensive and long. Each course contains between 7 yo 25 hours of video content so you can break up each course into many smaller courses.


My name is Alex Genadinik. I am a top 1% online instructor with 500,000+ students. My courses come with support so you are assured of getting a service you can't get anywhere else.


1) Please browse their selection of courses and choose ones that fit your needs.

2) If you'd like to license the courses, email me at, and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

3) After you license the courses, you will get the original videos via Dropbox within 24 business hours.

How The Licensing Process Works For These Language Courses

1) Once the payment is complete, you will receive the content via Dropbox within 24 business hours, often within 1 hour.

2) You can resell the courses on your site or additional sites you and I agree on.

3) You can change the course name, price, description, and edit individual videos.

4) You keep 100% of lifetime revenue of sales through your website or additional sites you and I agree on.

5) The courses will continue to be sold on Udemy by its original creators.

6) Ongoing support: I will make myself available and help you through your journey as you build your online course business. None of the other PLR licensing providers to that.


Start by emailing me at:

About These Foreign Language PLR Video Courses

These are the languages available for licensing: English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Portuguese, Greek, Tamil, Chinese, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Danish. The courses cover beginner and intermediate skill levels.

If you need to license a course in a different language, we offer custom course creation to help you get the course teaching a foreign language that you need.

I Can Coach You On Starting Your Elearning Business

If you need guidance on the process of starting your online course business, you can hire me as an Elearning coach.

You can choose a multi-week coaching package or start with just a 1-hour session. We'll meet on Zoom or Skype and discuss your Elearning business goals and create a strategy for getting you to your goals.

We can meet on a regular basis to make sure you stay on track, avoid any major mistakes, and keep making progress.

Other Courses You Can License

I offer 125+ white label courses that you can license and an additional few hundred technical courses from other top instructors.

Under the PLR (Private Label Rights) license, you can have white label online courses to resell because the license allows you to change and part of the videos or the course.

Here are all my digital marketing PLR courses and Internet marketing PLR courses you can license and white label:

- Facebook marketing PLR course
- Internet marketing PLR course
- YouTube marketing PLR course
- TikTok marketing
- Instagram marketing
- Personal branding
- Sales copywriting

Business plan and strategy courses available for PLR licensing

- Learn about all my PLR business courses - How to write a business plan
- How to write a marketing plan
- How to find your business niche
- How to start a business
- Customer service course

Productivity and personal development video courses for PLR licensing

- Time management
- Mindset
- Procrastination
- Management and leadership
- Motivation PLR course
- Emotional Intelligence
- Goal setting
- Spirituality courses
- Self-improvement courses
- Happiness and fulfilment

Courses on how to make money online available for PLR licensing

- Affiliate marketing
- Ecommerce marketing
- Freelancing on Fiverr
- Business coaching
- How to write a book, sell your book on Amazon, and become a bestselling Amazon author
- Mobile app business

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Bitcoin video courses for PLR licensing

- Trading and investing in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
- Using Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in everyday life
- Understanding the basics of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
- Here is a page with all my available Cryptocurrency PLR courses

Professional skill video training via PLR licensing

- Google G Suite
- Spreadsheets, Google Sheets, and Excel
- Google Docs
- English grammar and writing

Technology, programming, JavaScript courses available for PLR licensing

- Web development and design
- JavaScript jQuery, programming and Angular
- React JS
- Python coding
- Java programming
- .Net programming
- Android mobile app development
- Unreal game engine
- GameMaker Studio
- Virtual Reality (VR) game programming
- Data Science and Analysis
- C# and C++ Programming
- iOS and Swift Programming
- NodeJs
- Ruby on Rails
- Microsoft Excel
- Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash
- Certified web developer course (certification)
- Project management for start-ups and Project management using Microsoft Project
- Game development with Unity

- This page offers more information on programming and technology PLR courses.

PLR Coaching

- PLR for coaching programs - training packages for coaches to sell to their clients.

Get Discounts On My Business And Marketing Courses To Study Them As A Student

If you want to grow your online course business, you will need skills like business strategy, management, leadership, hiring, and marketing. I offer a number of courses on these topics and you can take them for discounted prices. Here is a list of my online course discounts, current special Udemy deals I am running. Plus, you can learn how Udemy sales work and when the biggest sales happen on Udemy.

Custom Course Creation And Elearning Website Setup

If you don't find any language PLR courses you want to license from me, I can help you by creating custom courses for you, creating your course website, and a full strategy that you can follow. Usually, I would be your course creator, but for foreign language courses like Italian, German, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, French, or other languages, I partnered with another custom course creation company to provide you custom courses on those topics. You'd get the courses fully done for you by a professional course creation company that specializes in your niche.

You can create your Elearning website on your own or I can do that for you as well. If I do everything for you, all you have to do is focus on selling the courses, which makes your task much easier since you'll be able to devote your full attention to sales.

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