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1 course: $500 for lifetime license and updates.

5+ courses: $400 per course for lifetime license and updates.


My name is Alex Genadinik, a top 1% online instructor with 500,000+ students and a long-time business coach. My content comes with support and updates, so you are assured of getting premium content you can't get elsewhere.


1) Browse my business courses on Udemy, and choose the ones that fit your needs.

2) Browse my business books, and choose the ones that fit your needs.

3) Email me the list of courses and books you want and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

4) After you license the content, you will get the original content via Dropbox within 24 business hours. You can edit any part of the content, sell it on your website, or give it away for free as a lead magnet.

Best Way To Use The Coaching PLR Courses

As a long-time business coach myself, I am well aware of the problem of scaling your time, and needing to maximize revenue from coaching clients. That is why I made this PLR program for coaches. With this licensing option, you get many courses and books to resell to your clients overnight.

You can start by selling one course to see how well it sells for you. If you are able to sell it to your direct clients or through your existing marketing channels, you can license more courses that you can sell to your clients, and boost your profits.

You can also use my courses or books to give away for free in your coaching programs either to offer more value or collect email addresses as a lead magnet for your website traffic.

How To Include These PLR Courses In Your Coaching Programs

You can add additional training packages that your coaching clients can do between your sessions with them so they can reinforce what they've been learning from you.

You can also license courses or books that supplement your skills and expertise. For example, if you specialize in personal development, but are not an expert in digital marketing, you can license the digital marketing courses so that in the end, your clients get the best of all worlds.

PLR Coaching Course

While much of my content can be used inside coaching programs to add value or generate more revenue, there is one course that's made specifically to sell to coaches. It's this business coaching course. It can be used by life coaches, business coaches, mindset coaches, career coaches, and many other types of coaches. It teaches how to set up coaching programs, how much to charge for them, how to retain clients, promote better, and many other topics needed by new coahces.

License A Discounted Bundle For Coaching Programs

Here is a 6-course bundle for $2,199.00 which is discounted from $500/each if you just get one.

1) Emotional Intelligence
2) Time management
3) Motivation
4) Goal setting
5) Happiness and fulfillment
6) Management and leadership

Get The Courses And Books Overnight Instead Of Spending Months Creating Them

Writing a good book takes one to two months. The same thing is true for creating courses. But that does not begin to illustrate how much time you save by licensing the content because my content has had the benefit of years of updates from student and reader feedback. That continuous improvement gives it a level of quality that can't be attained with newly-launched courses and books, especially if you are a first-time writer or online instructor.

Please browse all my content to see which fits your needs, and take the first step to adding more revenue to your coaching programs by emailing me to start the process of licensing the content.

More Details About Licensing Content

Take My Coaching Course For Coaches So You Can Improve Your Own Coaching Programs

I created a special course for coaches that guides you through creating profitable coaching programs that earn four to five figures per coaching client. There are many strategies in that course, and one of them is using upsells like the course and book content you can license from me.

Here is the link to purchase my course for coaches to learn how to improve your coaching practice.

This is ideal for new coaches or coaches struggling with getting or monetizing clients.

How The Licensing Process Works

1) Once the payment is complete, you will receive the content via Dropbox within 24 business hours, often within 1 hour.

2) You can resell the content on your site or additional sites you and I agree on.

3) You can change the course name, price, description, and edit individual videos.

4) You keep 100% of lifetime revenue of sales through your website or additional sites you and I agree on.

5) I will continue to sell on Udemy, Amazon, and my own website.

6) Ongoing support: I will make myself available and help you through your journey as you build your online course business. None of the other PLR licensing providers do that.

7) Get updates: For years to come, when I make updates, I'll upload them to the Dropbox folder I'll share with you, so you continue to have the latest updates. None of the other PLR licensing providers do that.


Start by emailing me at:

How These PLR Courses For Coaches Can Help Your Coaching Program

If you have coaching clients, you can charge them for your coaching programs. But how can you generate additional revenue from your clients? The next option is to sell them books and training. It can take months to write a book and weeks to months to create one course. That's where licensing content is helpful because you can get a nearly unlimited amount of book and online course content overnight.

Instead of just having one book or a training program, which is what you would have if you were making them on your own, you can have a series of courses or books that work like a learning track for your client. This way, you can sell multiple items in a natural way. That maximizes your earning potential while saving you time since you would not have to write or film your own courses or books.

Popular PLR Course Packages

One of the hottest topics today is Cryptocurrency. I have three Cryptocurrency courses available for resale. Here is an overview of the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency PLR package.

If you are a traditional business coach, here is an overview of my PLR business courses.

Most clients need to also master digital marketing and personal development. So having courses in that niche would be helpful as well.

Additional Elearning Services

You can also franchise my Elearning business. Under the franchise model, you get three things:

1) A bundle of my courses of your choosing.
2) A website built for you with the content you chose.
3) Ongoing coaching to help you succeed.

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