To license my books/ebooks to help your business, email me:

Do you need to sell business and marketing books on your website or give them away to get people to sign up for your email list?

If you do, I've got you covered. I have 20 popular and business and marketing books you can buy or license from me. Here is the list my books to choose from.

You can license any of the books or buy the rights to them to sell on your website or anywhere else online except for Amazon because I already sell the books there. Only a few of the books are available for 100% rights sale which include Amazon.

Prices Ranging From $50 To $2,000

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Video Explaining How My PLR Book Licensing Works

Steps To License A Book

1) Let me know how many of my courses you want to license and which courses you want.
2) Once you license the courses, you can resell them on your site or additional sites you and I agree on.
3) You can change the course name and price as much as you like.
4) You keep 100% of lifetime revenue.
5) I continue to sell the courses on Udemy and my own website.
6) I will make myself available and help you through your journey as you build your online course business.


If you want to reach me, my email is:

Which Books You Can License Through The PRL License Model

I have 20 books available for white label PLR licensing.

Some of the popular books cover topics like marketing, business planning and business strategy, and much more. Here is a list of the books available for PLR licensing:

Marketing books available for PLR licensing

- Marketing strategies to reach 1,000,000 people
- Marketing plan book
- Twitter marketing
- Facebook marketing
- Introduction to marketing book
- Business card marketing book
- Flier marketing
- Event marketing and event planning
- Personal branding and reputation management
- Offline marketing strategies
- Local business marketing

Business plan and strategy books available for PLR licensing

- Business plan book - how to write a business plan
- How to find your business niche
- How to start a business
- Fundraising for your business
- Business productivity including motivation, focus, goal setting, time management and more
- Real Estate careers

Books on how to make money online available for PLR licensing

- Mobile app marketing and monetization
- Masterminds book
- Business coaching success

Finding High Quality Books To License Is Difficult

With my books you get high quality writing, editing, and business insights that will represent your business and brand well. Many of my books are proven by the market. They not only get high ratings on Amazon, but they generate sales. Many of my books are consistently in the top 50,000 on Amazon's overall bestselling rank, and my business planning book often hovers around the 10,000 bestseller mark of all books in all genres.

There are plenty of books you can license which are inexpensive to license, but those books are typically very low quality. If you offer low quality books or any other products to your customers, they will never come back to do more business with you. But you need customers to want to do more business with you and your book has to be an engaging in an early stage of your sales funnel.

Benefits Of PLR Licensing, White Labeling A Book

When you license a book from me, you can get the content of the book and begin reselling it within 24 hours (often much cheaper because I overdeliver for my clients).

On the other hand, if you write your own book, it might take a month of work, expenses with editing and creating a book cover, and take you away from your other work. PLR book licensing saves you tens if not hundreds of hours of work, and allows you to move your business faster as well.

White label licensing for my Udemy courses

In addition to the books, you can also license my online courses. I have 100+ online courses on Udemy. Here is a page where you can learn about PLR course licensing.

Elearning Franchise Opportunity With My Existing Courses

You can have an elearning business created for you from scratch. You would have your own elearning website made for you, get my courses, and even get ongoing coaching from me until you feel confident on your own. Here is a page where you can learn more about franchising opportunities for many online courses. You can have everything set up and get started in as early as one month.