If you are thinking to get into the mobile app business, this is a must-read book before you get into this industry. This book explains how to do business planning for your mobile app to help you create the optimal mobile app strategy and avoid common mistakes. Read this book before writing a single line of code or hiring a developer.

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This is the second edition of the book. In the second edition of this book I added more mobile app marketing strategies, and a more objective discussion of the mobile app business as an industry.

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This book is available in two formats. On the Amazon page linked above, you can choose the Kindle version (it is cheaper) or the paperback version.

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1. Welcome - read this first
2. My Story
3. Creating The App
4. Brief Mobile App Marketing Introduction
5. Brief Mobile App Monetization Introduction
6. Setting Reasonable Goals For Your App
7. On Which Platform Should You Release Your App First?
8. Basic Business Planning Questions To Ask Yourself Before Beginning Work On An App


1. App Store Search And ASO
2. Publicity And Press Coverage For Your App
3. Social Sharing From Social Networks
4. Social Sharing And User Invites Generated From Inside Your App
5. Website Promotion
6. Cross Promote And Partner With Other Apps And Websites
7. Pay For Advertising
8. Email Marketing And Growing Your Email List
9. Speak At Events
10. Create A YouTube Channel
11. Keep Your App Freemium
12. Google Search (SEO) For Your App Store URL
13. Establish A Presence On Any Large Platform
14. Become A Great Marketer
15. If Your App Is Android, Release It On Multiple App Stores
16. Participate In Forums
17. How To Ensure That You Get Good App Reviews
18. How To Avoid Bad Reviews In The App Stores
19. 3 Ways To Launch Your App
20. Translate Your App’s Title And Description To Other Languages


1. Should A Mobile App Be Free Or Paid?
2. How Much To Charge For An App If You Do Make It Paid
3. Making Money With Ads
4. Making Money With Affiliate Products
5. Making Money With In-App Purchases
6. Making Money By Selling Your Own Products
7. Making Money By Selling Services
8. The Whale Monetization Pattern
9. How To Maximize Your App’s Revenue


1. Comparing Mobile App Stores: GooglePlay vs. Apple App Store vs. Kindle vs. Windows Phone Store vs. Blackberry vs. NOOK
2. Should You Develop Your Apps Natively?
3. General Features To Add To Your App That Will Help It Grow And Make Money
4. What Kinds Of Apps Get An Investment?
5. Crowdfunding For Apps
6. 10 Fundraising Strategies
7. Dive Into Mobile App Business Models
8. Mobile App Exit Strategies
9. How To Get Featured In App Stores


1. Game Apps
2. Social And Photo Apps
3. Dating Apps


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1. 3 Free gifts for you
2. Additional resources that will help you with your events and overall business

Excerpt From The Mobile App Book

How you promote your app should depend on the kind of app you have, and the level of competition in your app's niche. For most apps, the biggest source of downloads is app store search which is achieved by a process called ASO (App Store Optimization). The second biggest source of downloads is social sharing. After that, the next large potential sources of downloads are publicity and being featured in the app stores (Apple App Store and Android's Google Play). This book will cover all these strategies in more detail in a chapter that will focus on marketing for your mobile apps.

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Mobile App Business Coaching

If you would like personalized, one-on-one help creating a solid strategy for your mobile app, I can help you. I've built and promoted successful apps of my own and many of my clients, and I can help you as well. Simply email me, and we can get started. I offer business coaching at $100/hour to help you determine if hiring me to help you with your business and marketing strategy and planning is the right choice for you without having to sign up for expensive coaching programs. Here is a page where I explain how you can hire me as a business coach.