If you have a local business, this book has the right strategies for you to promote your business effectively and correctly.

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Almost all first-time entrepreneurs get their marketing strategy all wrong. They almost unequivocally say that they will promote their business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, business cards and fliers. But they must choose a marketing strategy that works well for the specific kind of business that they have. And for local businesses, there is a specific set of marketing strategies that this book outlines one by one in detail.

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1. What is a local business
2. Why most local businesses are promoted similarly
3. Why offline marketing is still so effective
4. Body language (nonverbal) sales communication
5. Your business pitch
6. Your sales pitch
7. Key to your marketing success
8. Focus on retaining customers long-term
9. Practical: how to get your business cards and flyers designed and printed


1. Google SEO (search engine optimization) for your website
2. Yelp
3. Additional local business listing websites
4. Social media marketing for small business
5. Google map listings for local searches
6. YouTube promotional videos & YouTube SEO
7. SEO domination

1. What are you branding? Yourself? A business?
2. Your name and catch phrase
3. Your photo
4. Possible additional basic information to add
5. Link to your website or top of your sales funnel
6. Make the card memorable by adding humor
7. What not to add to your card
8. Get professionally made cards
9. Pros and cons of double sided business cards
10. How to track your business card marketing results
11. How to make people keep your card longer
12. Print your business cards for a discount at VistaPrint
13. How to do business card marketing
14. PRO tip: outdoor/vehicle business card holder and dispenser
15. Collect business cards, follow up AND put into new contacts email database
16. Business card mobile apps (save trees)
17. Follow up in unique and creative ways to be memorable and stand out


1. Why marketing with flyers is still so effective
2. Demographics, psycho-graphics and geo-targeting
3. Understanding your customers
4. How to begin understanding your customers
5. Types of businesses that get best results with flyers
6. What does your customer really think?
7. 4 elements of an great flier
8. AIDA for your flier
9. How to create an amazing offer (the A in AIDA)
10. What kind of a photo to choose
11. Extra information and details (I and D of AIDA together with the photo)
12. Call to action (the last A of AIDA)
13. How to get flyers made (cheapest to expensive)
14. Mistakes NOT to make with your flyers
15. Who should hand out the flyers?
16. Where you can hand it out or post flyers
17. How to track effectiveness


1. My story and case study of how I created a successful event series
2. The basics of creating a successful event series and what you need to keep in mind
3. Ways in which you can generate revenue from your events
4. How to choose a price for your events if you do charge for attendance
5. Hiring staff for your event
6. Do you need to register your event as a business entity?
7. Do you need to get insurance for your event?
8. Getting an event venue
9. Prizes and raffles to make your event more fun and attractive
10. Collecting contact information and building regular attendance
11. Attracting attendance
12. Local event websites
13. Your website
14. SEO (search engine optimization) for your website
15. Branding
16. Branding on steroids
17. Generating publicity and standing out above the crowd
18. Event video, live-streaming, and YouTube promotion


1. How to get yourself appearances on the radio and podcasts
2. 3 ways to get business referrals
3. Join a local press club
4. Where to plaster your logo and website
5. Door to door marketing
6. Guerilla marketing and publicity stunts
7. Classifieds newspaper ads
8. Direct snail mail advertising
9. Cold calling and phone sales
10. Storefront without a storefront
11. Setting up a cart or a stand or selling at flea markets or fairs

Excerpt From The Local Business Marketing Book

On what is a local business:

A local business is any business that does business within some local radius or geographical limit that is typically no wider than the few nearest cities, with the limit often being narrower than that and as narrow as a few city blocks depending where most customers would realistically come from. For example, if you provide handyman services, even though traveling far isn't ideal, you might travel up to 60 miles to do a job, but if your business is a liquor store, most of your customers will come from no more than a few block radius surrounding your business.

Local services and local businesses can be anything from hair salons to construction and home repair, to restaurants to gyms to medical offices to laundromats to grocery stores, and many other similar businesses.

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