If you have a local business, there is a big chance you can promote your business by passing out fliers. Flier marketing is not an ideal fit for every type of local business, but if works for many local businesses like restaurants, stores, event businesses and many other kinds of businesses. Flier marketing is also great for businesses that have just opened or have something big to promote or announce.

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Many entrepreneurs and first-time marketers list flier marketing as one of their top strategies to promote their business, almost no matter what their business might be. But you can't just promote things randomly. It has to all be a part of a strategy. In this book you will learn how to create an ideal flier, what kinds of businesses flier marketing is best suited for, and how to effectively promote your business with this method.

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1. Why flier marketing is still so effective: you choose who gets it
2. Demographics, psycho-graphics and geo targeting
3. Understanding your customers is key
4. How to begin understanding your customers
5. Types of businesses that get best results with flyers
6. What does your customer really think?
7. Key to marketing success
8. Focus on retaining customers long-term
9. Practical: how to get your business cards and flyers designed and printed


1. 4 elements of an great flier
3. How to create an amazing offer
4. What kind of a photo to choose
5. Extra information
6. Call to action
7. How to get flyers made (cheapest to expensive)
8. Mistakes NOT to make: no photo of you, your business, no big logo


1. Who should hand out the flyers?
2. Where you can hand it out or post flyers
3. Handing out, putting under door, mailing, putting on car windows/windshields, leaving them outside to take. bulletin boards, put them in a bag after purchase, under doors
4. How to track effectiveness

Excerpt From The Flier Marketing Book

Why marketing with flyers is still so effective:

There are so many cool ways to promote your business like social media marketing, YouTube, SEO (search engine optimization) and many other online and offline techniques. So, why is flier marketing still so effective?

The answer lies in two general truths. The first is that people still often prefer to have something in their hands that they can touch, feel, save on their desks or shelves and come back to when they are ready. They can save the flier in case they don’t necessarily need it right there and then, but think that they might make use of it later. The second reason flier marketing is still so important is a little bit more practical. It is that YOU decide who gets the flier, and there are various levels of complexity for how you can decide on, and hone in on the most ideal people to whom to give your flyers. Precisely this hyper-targeting of your potentially ideal clients is what often makes marketing with flyers so effective.

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