If you need to write a marketing plan, this is an amazing book for you. It covers what to write in every part of your marketing plan document, gives you a template to follow, and also has a marketing plan example for you to reference.

Here is the link to the marketing plan book on Amazon.

This is the second edition of the book. In the second edition of this book I added a step-by-step way to create your marketing plan so that even if you are a beginner, you will easily be able to follow along and create a great marketing plan for your business.

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Available On The Kindle Or Hardcopy

This book is available in two formats. On the Amazon page linked above, you can choose the Kindle version (it is cheaper) or the paperback version.

WHAT TO DO IF YOU DON'T HAVE A KINDLE: You don't need a Kindle device to read books on the Kindle. You have two options if you don't have a Kindle. You can read the book on the Kindle cloud reader, or you can read the book on the Kindle app for your Android phone or iPhone.

Here is the link to the Kindle cloud reader for you to be able to read the book on your computer, possibly as you are writing your marketing plan.

The companion to this book is my business plan book. Whenever you are planning a new business, you must have a very solid business strategy and your marketing strategy is a very big part of your business strategy. The business plan book will help you align all your business strategies to work well together.

Many people who get my marketing plan book are working on a mobile app business. If you are working on a mobile app business, here is a link to my mobile app marketing book that may help you plan and grow your app. Another popular book of mine to check out is the event marketing book.

Browse The Marketing Plan Book Table Of Contents


1. Introduction to the book and how the book is structured
2. What is a marketing plan
3. When and why you need a marketing plan
4. First-time entrepreneur and beginner marketer mistakes
5. What makes a good marketing plan


1. Let's start with the 3-sentence marketing plan
2. Marketing buckets
3. Marketing buckets for ecommerce business
4. Marketing buckets for agency business (selling services)
5. Marketing buckets for a local business
6. Marketing buckets for a blog
7. Marketing buckets for an innovative website or start-up
8. Marketing buckets for platform marketing
9. Marketing buckets for a thought leader business
10. Marketing buckets for an affiliate business
11. Marketing buckets for a b2b business
12. Let's fix your 3-sentence marketing plan


1. Executive summary and company introduction
2. Company mission statement
3. Goals, deadlines and timelines
4. Budget and resources
5. Differentiation: how your business is unique
6. Pricing and discounting strategies
7. Your target market
8. How to identify your target market
9. Target market definitions
10. Total addressable market - total revenue available in the marketplace. For example, the entire small business industry
11. Serviceable market - part of total addressable market targeted by your products
12. Building a customer avatar
13. Branding strategy
14. Competitive analysis
15. Customer retention strategy
16. Strategy to maximize referrals
17. Content marketing strategy (free content)
18. S.W.O.T analysis
19. KPI (key performance indicators)
20. Outlining marketing strategies (practical example)


1. Chapter introduction and another 3-sentence marketing plan
2. Turning the 3-sentence marketing plan into a 1-page plan
3. My 1-page marketing plan for a year
4. Section conclusion


1. Marketing plan example #1


1. Marketing plan example #2

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1. 3 Free gifts for you
2. Additional resources that will help you with your events and overall business

Excerpt From The Marketing Plan Book

The theoretical definition of a marketing plan is a comprehensive document that outlines an organization's marketing (free promotion) and advertising (paid promotion) strategy for a given time into the future.

In practical terms, a marketing plan can be two things. The first and simple way to look at a marketing plan is as a strategy that you have in your mind without having anything written. The second way to look at a marketing plan is as a professional document that contains the strategies of how you will promote your business.

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