Hello, and nice to meet you. In this article, I explain how my business coaching and business mentoring services helps entrepreneurs start and succeed.

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Below is a brief video overview of how I can help entrepreneurs as a business coach, and more detailed explanations of how I can help you depending on what your business is.

More About My Business Coaching Service

Who Am I? Entrepreneur, Author, Marketer (SEO & Advanced Social Media), Business Coach

My name is Alex Genadinik. I am a serial entrepreneur and the creator of the Problemio mobile apps for business which are some of the top business apps on iPhone and Android. I am also a 3-time bestselling author on Amazon, and a prolific online teacher with 100,000+ students and over 100 courses.

I also coach entrepreneurs who come to me with all kinds of different needs that range from business planning to marketing. Over time, I've coached over 1,000 entrepreneurs in various capacity.

I am also an author of a number of business and marketing books, and host of a popular business channel on YouTube.

How We Will Work Together

1) You don't need to buy any expensive coaching programs. You can start with one hour, which is $150. The purpose of our initial call is for you to determine if my coaching is right for you, and whether our styles match.

2) On our initial call, I'll answer any questions you have about your business, and we'll create a strategy that's right for you.

3) After that, we'll meet weekly or any time you need, and continue working on your business at $150/hour. Between calls, I'll be giving you to-do items and homework so every week you'll make progress.

Why Some Coaching Takes 1 Hour And For Some People It Varies

I can understand your business within the first 5 minutes, and lay out an overall business and marketing strategy within an hour. But that is more of a strategist or a consultant role.

For most people, those strategies are not enough because after they get off the call with me, their lives get in the way. They revert to procrastination habits, poor time management, or simply don't execute the strategies I laid out at the necessary high level of quality.

This is why regular coaching is needed. You and I need to work together over time to help you reverse your negative habits, and replace them with good habits. Over the course of a few weeks or months, you and I can work on various aspects of your business, and make you a much stronger entrepreneur, and empower you to move your business forward.

The goal of my coaching is to train you into an entrepreneur who can go out into the world and succeed at whatever you work on.

Marketing Strategist And Marketing Coach

I've created many successful marketing strategies for all types of businesses of all shapes and sizes, and I can create an a complete and effective marketing strategy for your business that will get you the web or foot traffic you need.

I can help you make sense of all these different marketing platforms:

- Social media marketing with Facebook and Twitter
- SEO marketing strategy
- YouTube and podcasting strategy
- Offline marketing strategy
- Publicity and PR
- Mobile strategy
- And many more

I'll also tie all these strategies together into one nice cohesive strategy that you can then go and execute. If you are curious to learn more, here is the page that explains how I can help you as a marketing strategist and marketing consultant.

Business Plan Coach And Business Strategy Coach

Do you need help writing your business plan? During my entrepreneurship coaching, I can coach you through writing your business plan, and at the same time help you create a great business strategy that will work in the real world once you begin executing your business.

Here are some ways in which I can help you create a great business plan and business strategy:

- We can share a Google Doc, and edit your business plan at the same time while on a Skype call. This way we will be writing the business plan and I will be coaching you through it at the same time.
- I can help you think through carious aspects of your business plan, and various aspects of your overall business strategy.
- We can tailor the business plan to be more practical or geared towards specific investors.

When we are done with your business plan, you will have a professional business plan document as well as a greatly improved overall business strategy.

Affiliate Marketing Coach

Many people try affiliate marketing and fail. I've helped many entrepreneurs succeed in affiliate marketing. In fact, I teach 3 online courses on affiliate marketing. During our coaching, I will help you make sense of how affiliate marketing truly works, and help you make it work for you.

During our coaching, here is what we will cover:

- Different types of affiliate marketing
- How to choose your affiliate niche
- How to choose good affiliate products to sell
- Free and paid ways to get traffic to your affiliate offers

When we are done with your affiliate marketing training, you will have a real affiliate marketing business that generates you money with mostly passive income.

Here is a page that outlines my affiliate marketing coaching works and common Q&A.

Mobile App Strategy And Marketing Coaching & App Development And ASO Outsourcing

I've created successful Android and iPhone apps before, and my mobile app marketing book and course have been the top app business book and course for the last few years. I can help you as a mobile app coach or with outsourcing the development of your mobile app.

Here are ways to get my help with your app:

- Mobile app business coaching, strategy and app ASO marketing
- Outsourcing your Android or iPhone app development
- My mobile app business book
- Mobile app business courses

SEO Coach

Many people try SEO, fail at it, then try to outsource SEO and fail at it again but this time more expensively. I am here to help you stop that. During our call I will examine your website, help you create an SEO strategy that will work for you, and possibly help you execute parts of it.

During our SEO coaching, here is what we will cover:

- I will create a high level SEO strategy for your business
- I will help you do keyword research including advanced keyword tactics you won't get in many other places
- I will help you create an overall content strategy
- I will teach you how to build backlinks to your website to help it rank higher

When we are done with your SEO coaching, you will have a real SEO strategy that you will be able to execute and get traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing Coach

Most people try to get traffic from social media marketing, and it feels like it should be easy and natural. But it isn't that easy. It is especially difficult to get quality and targeted traffic from social media marketing consistently.

During our social media marketing coaching, here is what we will cover:

- I will create a high level social media marketing strategy for your business
- I will help you understand which social networks are the right ones to focus for your business
- I will help you create an overall content strategy
- I will be there to aid you during the execution of your marketing to make sure it is done right

When we are done with your social media marketing coaching, you will have a real social media marketing strategy that you will be able to execute, get traffic to your website, and actually make seles.

Local Business Coach

If you are starting a local business, I can help you create a business plan for it, help you understand how to raise money, help you register the business, get it started, and then help you promote it.

During our local business coaching, here is what we will cover:

- I will help you create a business plan for your small local business
- I will give you 15 different fundraising strategies for your business
- I will help you register the business with the state to make it official and to give you liability protection
- I will help you promote the business once it is set up

When we are done with your local business coaching, you will have an operational business.

Udemy, Skillshare And E-Learning Business Coach

If you want to get into online learning and make money on Udemy, I offer Elearning coaching. I have been doing this for over 6 years, and have over 125 courses on Udemy and over 500,000 students. I can help you if you would like to get started in the online course and Elearning space.

During our Udemy and online course coaching:

- I will help you create a business plan for your online course business and an overall strategy
- I will help you understand how to create high quality video and audio lectures
- I will help you with the process of uploading your courses to Udemy
- I will coach you on what makes a good course

When we are done with your Udemy and online course coaching, you will have live online courses on Udemy or other platforms, and you will be making money from your courses. Many of my students were able to make money on Udemy within a week of getting my coaching.

Amazon And Kindle Book Business Coach

I have 20 books on Amazon, and earn a growing 4-digit monthly income from it. I can teach you to do the same in my book writing and marketing coaching program.

During our Kindle and Amazon book coaching, here is what we will cover:

- How to choose a good book topic that will have a chance to succeed
- I will give you writing tips to help you complete your book faster and with higher quality
- I will help you upload it on Amazon and the Kindle
- I will help you promote your book

When we are done with your Kindle and Amazon coaching, you will have books on Amazon and Kindle, and will be making money selling your books.

Advanced And Intensive Business Coaching Option

If you want to hit the ground running and make progress as fast as possible, I have an intensive coaching option available where I work with you daily and share true secrets of what makes my business a $200,000/year online business and how you can do the same. Here is the page to learn more about my intensive business coaching option.

I Also Do Public Speaking

If you run a conference or a university entrepreneur program, I am available to come and speak at your event or organization. My topics of expertise are entrepreneurship, mobile apps, advanced marketing techniques and many forms of online business. Here is a page explaining how you can hire me as a speaker for your event or conference.

Available In Person in New York and Tri-State Area

I live in New York. We can meet in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island or the Tri State Area. I work with clients in New Jersey, Connecticut, and even Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. You can travel to meet me, or I can travel to meet you for a day session.

Coaching Using Skype Remotely

While we can meet in person if you live in an area close to New York or New Jersey, I can also help you via Skype if you are anywhere else in the world. I also frequently visit California and San Francisco.

General Business Coaching

Here are the topics I can help you with from business idea to growing your business:

- Help you settle on business ideas and choose a great one
- Help you choose a good business niche
- Help you create a great business plan
- Help you through the process of starting your business
- Create an amazing marketing for you for social media, SEO and branding
- Provide ongoing help and mentoring as you grow your business

Get in touch with me, and let's start working on your business today! Personally, I love working with entrepreneurs as a business coach. Seeing entrepreneurs like you succeed make all my hard work worthwhile. I look forward to helping you turn your ideas into success.

Starting Your Own Coaching Program?

If you start your own business coaching business, one common way to generate additional revenue is to sell books and courses as additional training to your clients. The challenge most coaches have is that they don't have their own books and courses to sell, and are forced to sell books and courses as affiliates. Another option I offer is to buy or license my courses and books to resell to your clients while keeping 100% of the revenue you generate. Take a look at my PLR for coaches which includes books and courses.

Buying content isn't as good as having your own, but it takes weeks or months to create your own content. And if you buy existing content, you can devote more of your time building your coaching practice.

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