Get coached by a true expert and authority with many years of experience in the mobile app space. My services are listed below. To get started, email me at:

- Start with a 30 minute introductory coaching call: $50

- High-end ASO work including brainstorming calls, keyword research, and creation of app title and description: $350

- 5-week coaching program including ASO and weekly coaching: $1,000

- Full, 3-month, from zero to launch coaching program including ASO, app prototyping, and weekly coaching: $5,000

How Our App Coaching Will Work

You and I will start by getting on a Skype call, and we'll discuss your app. In our conversation, I'll answer any questions you have, as time permits, we'll cover these topics:

- Your app's marketing strategy.
- Your app's ASO.
- Your app's keyword research, writing the title for your app and the description.
- Monetization strategy.
- Business plan for your mobile app.
- Improving the UVP (unique value proposition).
- Outsourcing your app development to senior and dependable app developers who can help you launch your app quickly, often in under 1 month.
- Decreasing spending by evaluating prototyping and cheaper launch options.

Top-Quality ASO Work Done For You

Step 1: You and I will get on a 30 minute Skype call. You will tell me about your app idea or we'll discuss an existing app.

Step 2: I'll do top-quality keyword research and write your app title, description, and keyword field for iOS.

Step 3: We'll get on another 30-minute call and discuss what you liked and didn't like about the first draft of my work and make revisions until you feel satisfied.

What you will get: keyword research, app title, description, and keyword field for iOS. I don't actually promote the app.

5-Week Coaching Program

This includes complete ASO done for you.

You and I will do weekly 45-minute coaching calls and outline plans, strategies, and to-do lists for the week. Some weeks, I'll do some work. Most weeks, you'll do some work and some weeks we'll both have some deliverables.

I'll help you with ASO, app development strategy, light app prototyping and usability work. We'll also work on your publicity pitches and influencer outreach.

3-Month Coaching Program: From Zero To Launch Including App Prototyping

This includes complete ASO, weekly coaching calls, prototyping, launch, and much more.

With this program, you'll have me by your side the entire time. Every decision you will have, we'll make together, and we'll brainstorm every strategy. I'll also give you feedback on the app flow, features, usability, and might even help to prototype the app with you using prototyping tools.

What to expect: We'll launch by the end of the three month period and your app will be live.

What Kinds Of Apps Can I Help You With?

Types of mobile apps I can help with: game apps, business apps, productivity and utility apps, health and exercise apps, social media apps, event apps, meditation apps, dating apps photo sharing apps and more.

About Me, Alex Genadinik

- I built a number of successful apps on Android and iPhone, with a few million cumulative downloads.

- #1 ASO ranking for ultra-competitive keywords with my apps.

- #1 mobile app marketing and business book.

- #1 app marketing and business course on Udemy.

- Coached over 100 aspiring app entrepreneurs (app-preneurs).

- Successful app-focused YouTube channel.

- Over 20,000 combined students and book readers

My current focus is educating and coaching app entreprepreneurs. The best way to learn from me is via my book and online course. Here is my mobile app business book on Amazon and my mobile app business course on Udemy.

Help Outsourcing Your App Development

After you and I discuss your app, and create a complete strategy for it, if you will need to outsource the development of your mobile app, I will be able to recommend senior app developers who can help you develop your app. They will be able to handle not only your app development, but also your app design.

How Much Business Coaching You Will Need

For most apps, this is the amount of time needed to accomplish various parts of your app strategy:

- Initial strategy call: 30-60 minutes.
- Creating an app strategy and business plan including monetization strategy: 1-2 hours.
- App ASO keyword research: 1 hour.
- Writing highly effective app title and description that also boost your ASO: 1-2 hours.
- Planning your app usability and screen flow: 20-60 minutes per screen.

Have Questions About Protecting The Intellectual Property Of Your App?

Are you worried about having your app idea stolen or copied? I can explain to you when to use non-compete agreements, NDA (non-disclosure) agreements, patents and trademarks.

Cheaper, DIY Solutions

If my coaching is above your budget, I have plenty of educational materials you can go through on your own that are much cheaper.

Here is my mobile app marketing and business course on Udemy for just $9.99 and here is my mobile app marketing and business book on Amazon with a small preview of that book on this site.

Here is a page with many of my online course discounts and business books including an app marketing book and course.