My name is Alex Genadinik. I've been writing and selling my books on Amazon for 7+ years. I've had numerous bestsellers and some of my books are used at top U.S universities.

I am also an experienced business coach with 1,000+ clients over the past decade.

My book coaching program is designed for very serious aspiring authors who either already have an established business or career.

The program $3,500 for a 10-weeks. We'll meet once a week. You can try the first hour for $200 to see how you like my coaching. If you feel that you are getting valuable help, we can continue to work together. To hire me for the initial hour to see if my coaching helps you, email me at:

The Book Coaching Program

Week 1: Book market and niche research.

Week 2: We examine your writing. I am sure it is great, but it can be better.

Week 3: We'll identify what it will take for you to succeed in your niche including book quality and total budget.

Week 4: We'll create your book title, subtitle, description and keywords.

Week 5: Book title, subtitle, description and keywords continued.

Week 6: We'll plan your book launch.

Week 7: Cover and formatting.

Week 8: Book setup on Amazon.

Week 9: Book setup on Amazon coontinued and pre-launch prep.

Week 10: Book launch.

Week 11: Promotion.

Week 12: We'll outline a plan for what you should do long-term to succeed.

I can help you do market research, plan a winning book, do keyword research, create your book title, subtitle, complete Amazon listing including a description, and create a plan for how to grow your book long term.

1) Let's start with a 1-hour call so you can determine if my coaching is right for you, and whether our styles match.

2) After that, we'll meet weekly and continue working on your book. Between calls, I give you to-do items and homework so every week you'll make progress.

This is something almost everyone asks me during our first session. Everyone is different and this is impossible to predict. Some people made money the very same week they had the first consultation with me. But for most people, it takes much longer. Whatever speed is right for you, as long as you are consistent, you will succeed and I will support you throughout your journey.

Remote Coaching Using Skype Or Zoom

While we can meet in person if you live in an area close to New York or New Jersey, I can also help you via Skype if you are anywhere else in the world. I also frequently visit California and San Francisco.

Other Book Resources

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