To get help promoting your products, please read through this page, and get in touch with me at:

If you want to set up your ads with AI on your own, take my course on it here. This is much cheaper than hiring me.

If you want to have everything done for you, email me, and I can set everything up for you. My hourly fee is $150/hour. Here is more about my professional background. I have nearly 1,000,000 students on Udemy.

How The Process Of Setting Up Your Ads Works

If you want your ads to be fully set up and managed for you must decide on your approximate ad budget, and email me explaining which product you want to sell, what your sales goals are and what your ad budget is.

If I feel like I can help you set up winning advertising campaigns for your products, we can begin working together.

I Can't Guarantee Positive Results

Only dishonest service providers trick potential buyers by promising results. The truth is that every marketing or advertising strategy has a chance to fail, even if it's good. There are many variables like your product ability to sell, your profit margin, and the niche which your products are in.

Be Aware Of Financial Risk

To succeed with running any ads, whether you set them up on your own or hire someone else, you must spend your own money to run the ads. That is why there is always some risk of losing money, and you should be aware of that. The ROI isn't always positive, and it's important for me to be honest and transparent with you about that from the start even if it means that we may not work together.

What You Can Expect When You Hire Me As Your Amazon Ads Consultant

First two weeks: I will set up your Amazon ads, and possibly optimize your Amazon sales page for SEO and sales conversion. This process will take 5-20 hours depending on how much work has to be done on your Amazon listing, and the complexity of setting up your Amazon PPC ads.

Next three months: Once your ad is up and running, you need time to optimize the ads that are running. This service includes giving the AI time to try many different types of ads at different times of the day with different bidding strategies, and collecting enough data to assess which ad is truly the most profitable.


Get started by emailing me:

What Your Budget Should Be

You need a minimum of $3,000-$5,000 to give your Amazon PPC ads the best chance to succeed. A part of that will go to my fees, and a part of that will go towards your advertising budget. If it's understandably too steep,

I realize that the fees may be too expensive for some businesses. This Amazon PPC ads service is best suited for mid to larger companies with a large enough budget allocated for Amazon ads. If this doesn't sound ideal for your situation, I again encourage you to just buy my Amazon ads course to learn how to do this yourself, which will be much cheaper.

Additional Amazon-Related Services

In addition to setting up and running your PPC campaigns, I can help you do your Amazon SEO keyword research to make sure that you are targeting the right keywords with your organic Amazon SEO ranking as well as your Amazon PPC ads. I can also help you promote your products by optimizing the Amazon sales pages for your products.

How My Amazon PPC Ad Management Services Compare To Similar Services From Other Agencies

If you hire other Amazon PPC ad agencies to manage and run your campaigns, they will likely be much more expensive because they have many employees and significant overhead costs. On the other hand, if you hire cheap and inexperienced freelancers to run and manage your Amazon PPC ads campaigns, their services will take more hours, and they will likely waste a lot of your money running unprofitable ads.

My service is a perfect balance of using the smartest technology to run and manage Amazon ads in order to rapidly experiment with your ads, and find the most profitable ways to advertise on Amazon that human marketers can't do. That means you get the best results, managed by an experienced Amazon seller, and require the smallest ad budget in order to discover the most profitable Amazon ads.

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