Hire a public speaker for your event, conference or university entrepreneurship program

I have been creating successful products and services to help entrepreneurs for five years, have helped millions of entrepreneurs, and have coached over 1,000 entrepreneurs in various capacity. Read more about me on my LinkedIn page.

I can come to your conference or university entrepreneurship center, and discuss business planning, advanced marketing techniques, or the mobile app business.

Simply email me to alex.genadinik@gmail.com and we can discuss the logistics.

Leading Business Books In Business Planning And Mobile Apps

Among my 20 books on business and marketing available on the Kindle and in print, my business planning book and the mobile app business book are leading books in their respective niches.

Leading Apps That Guide People In Starting A Business: Over 1,000,000 Downloads

I created a 4-app business series on Android and the iPhone. The apps walk entrepreneurs through the 4 crucial steps of starting a business, which are:

Almost 100 Business And Marketing Online Courses On Udemy

Yes, I teach almost 100 courses on Udemy. Almost all my courses are about business, entrepreneurship or marketing. Here is the link to my profile on Udemy.

Over 1,500,000 Views On YouTube Helping People In Business And Marketing

I don't upload many videos to YouTube these days because I mostly focus on writing more books and creating video-based courses, but when I did I had over 1,500,000 views on my YouTube channel which is about the same topics: business, marketing, mobile apps and entrepreneurship.

Online Business Expert

Over time I have done and largely succeeded in these online businesses:

Article by Alex Genadinik