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Burned by fake coaches in the past who just tried to sell you more and more? Not sure where to truly start?

I promise one thing - I'll be honest and straight-forward with you.

My rate is $150/hour. I don't require you to sign up for long-term, expensive coaching programs. My coaching is pay as you go. As long as you feel that you are getting good help, we can continue to work together. To hire me for the initial hour so you can see if my coaching helps you, email me at:

Or start with my affiliate marketing course on Udemy - it's inexpensive and it will give you a great introduction to see if you like my approach and want to work with me.

Affiliate Marketing Coaching

Get A Sense For What I'll Be Able To Share

My name is Alex Genadinik. I am a serial entrepreneur. I've done affiliate marketing since 2011. I do it for my own business and sell website hosting like on this page for how to set up a website. I also teach affiliate marketing courses to over 10,000 students and I've coached a few hundred people on affiliate marketing over time.

In my complete coaching practice, I've coached entrepreneurs with different needs that range from business planning to marketing. Over time, I've coached over 1,000 entrepreneurs in various capacity.

I am also an author of a number of business and marketing books, and host of a popular business channel on YouTube. In addition to that, I have created a number of affiliate marketing courses, and have taught over 10,000 students online.

1) Let's start with a 1-hour call. The purpose of this call is for you to determine if my coaching is right for you, and whether our styles match.

2) On our initial call, I'll answer any questions you have about affiliate marketing, and we'll create a strategy that's right for you.

3) After that, we'll meet weekly or any time you need, and continue working on your business. Between calls, I'll be giving you to-do items and homework so every week you'll make progress.

This is something almost everyone asks me during our first session. The answer is entirely up to you and your execution of the affiliate strategies I'll share with you. Some people have made money the very same day they had the first consultation with me. But for most people, it takes much longer. Whatever speed is right for you, as long as you are consistent, you will succeed and I will support you throughout your journey.

Most people start by asking about how much money can be made with affiliate marketing. It is entirely up to you. While you can make absolutely no money, some people have also made millions. What differentiates such cases? Persistence, quality of execution, and having the right guidance.

I can help to guide you. But persistence and execution will be largely up to you.

Many people try affiliate marketing and fail. I've helped many entrepreneurs succeed in affiliate marketing. During our coaching, I will help you make sense of how affiliate marketing truly works, and help you make it work for you.

During our coaching, here is what we will cover:

- Different types of affiliate marketing and whether being a vendor or a publisher right for you
- How to choose your affiliate niche
- How to choose good affiliate products to sell
- Free and paid ways to get traffic to your affiliate offers

When we are done with your affiliate marketing training, you will have a real affiliate marketing business that generates you money with mostly passive income.

Other Business Coaching

I also coach people on the following topics:

- Local business marketing coaching and small business coaching - businesses like gyms, stores, restaurants, home repair, cleaning, law firms, medical and doctors offices, and many other businesses that service clients within approximately a ten mile area are considered local businesses.

- Mobile app marketing and app business coaching - learn to plan, create, launch, promote and make money from your mobile app idea.

- Udemy and eLearning coaching - learn to create a good online course and sell it either from your website or from sites like Udemy.

- YouTube and video production coaching

- Local and small business coaching

- Amazon, Kindle and book publishing coaching - when we are done with your Kindle and Amazon coaching, you will have books on Amazon and Kindle, and will be making money selling your books.

- Coaching on different opportunities for making money online - this coaching can cover every topic from affiliate marketing to selling on Amazon to blogging or becoming a self-branded YouTuber.

- Marketing strategy creation and consulting - I'll help you create an ideal and most effective marketing strategy that will work for your specific business.

- Productivity coaching - having trouble with goal setting, time management, focus, procrastination, or getting enough done in your day? This is the right type of coaching for you.

Advanced And Intensive Business Coaching Option

If you want to hit the ground running and make progress as fast as possible, I have an intensive coaching option available where I work with you daily and share true secrets of what makes my business a $250,000/year online business and how you can do the same. Here is the page to learn more about my intensive business coaching option.

I Also Do Public Speaking

If you run a conference or a university entrepreneur program, I am available to come and speak at your event or organization. My topics of expertise are entrepreneurship, mobile apps, advanced marketing techniques and many forms of online business. Here is a page explaining how you can hire me as a speaker for your event or conference.

I live in New York. We can meet in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island or the Tri State Area. I work with clients in New Jersey, Connecticut, and even Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. You can travel to meet me, or I can travel to meet you for a day session.

Coaching Using Skype Remotely

While we can meet in person if you live in an area close to New York or New Jersey, I can also help you via Skype if you are anywhere else in the world. I also frequently visit California and San Francisco.

General Business Coaching

Here are the topics I can help you with from business idea to growing your business:

- Help you settle on business ideas and choose a great one
- Help you choose a good business niche
- Help you create a great business plan
- Help you through the process of starting your business
- Create an amazing marketing for you for social media, SEO and branding
- Provide ongoing help and mentoring as you grow your business

Get in touch with me, and let's start working on your business today! Personally, I love working with entrepreneurs as a business coach. Seeing entrepreneurs like you succeed make all my hard work worthwhile. I look forward to helping you turn your ideas into success.

Most of my coaching programs don't lock you into big expensive coaching programs. Most of my coaching is pay as you go hourly coaching so you only continue if you keep getting help.

My hourly rate is $150/hour.

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