I only accept 1 person per month to this program. It costs $14,999. It is intensive and meant for the most ambitious entrepreneurs who want to work smarter and faster.

This is much more than regular coaching. I'll take the role of a big brother and show you everything I do in my business. I'll demand a lot from you. And you'll take away lifelong lessons.

Let's start with a 1-hour introductory session where you can ask me any busness question and see if this is right for you ($200 fee). To start, email me at:

This coaching program is daily! Look it as a big investment on your part - almost like an MBA in entrepreneurshp. You have to be prepared to work hard every day and put things you learn to practice quickly. This is for people who want a business yesterday!

How Will This Coaching Program Work?

Every day, you and I will meet on Skype. I'll give you insights of what I'm doing with my business so you can have a good example to work with. My business is a $300,000/year online business so it is a great inside look at a top 1% online entrepreneur and what it takes to get there.

The other part of our call will be about your business and what you are working on. We will create and implement strategies that will get you to a six-figure business as well.

In the end, we'll cover:

- Cryptocurrencies - build a future by investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies while integrating it into your daily life for additional benefits life savings on things you already buy

- Selling products online on Amazon or your own website - I make a 4-digit monthly income from selling books and have helped my clients sell on Amazon, and I can help you too

- Choosing your niche to tap into a wealth of resources you already have - this is one of the most important fundamentals to set you up for a long-term sustainable business that will thrive

- Creating/selling online courses on Udemy, Skillshare or from your own website - I make $10k/month from my courses and can teach you to do the same

- Affiliate marketing - I started in affiliate marketing many years ago. Now, of course, I sell my own products, but I can walk you through starting your own affiliate business

- Mobile app business - I've built my own successful apps with millions of downloads and have written a bestselling app business book which is the top book in its niche on Amazon

- Creating your own coaching program - coaching is not only great for direct revenue, but to also build business relationships with the people you've helped

- We'll go over online business models that work - we'll create what's called a strong backed for your business which is the process of generating hundreds or thousands percent more revenue per client

- Creating your own show: YouTube, podcast or a live show (this is new and hot) - create an online brand for yourself and get a lot of exposure with your own show and build an audience of people you can sell to on a regular basis

- Growth and marketing - I am one of the top online marketers out there. I'll teach you the appropriate growth strategies for your business and help you implement those growth strategies. Here is a page that explains more about my marketing strategy consultant services

- Freelancing - not only do I successfully use Fiverr to get freelaning clients, but I turn many of my freelanding clients to spend $1,000 or more with my business. I'll show you how I do that

- B2B and content licensing through PLR - I'll show you how I earn thousands of dollars a month by licnensing my content in a PLR model. Here is a link to my own digital PLR products so you can learn how I do it.

Who Am I? Entrepreneur, Author, Marketer (SEO & Advanced Social Media), Business Coach

My name is Alex Genadinik. I am a serial entrepreneur and the creator of the Problemio mobile apps for business which are some of the top business apps on iPhone and Android. I am also a 3-time bestselling author on Amazon, and a prolific online teacher with 90,000+ students and over 100 courses.

I also coach entrepreneurs who come to me with all kinds of different needs that range from business planning to marketing. Over time, I've coached over 1,000 entrepreneurs in various capacity.

I am also an author of a number of business and marketing books, and host of a popular business channel on YouTube.

Available In Person in New York and Tri-State Area Or On Skype

Most of my coaching is done via Skype, but I can also meet you in person.

I live in New York. We can meet in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island or the Tri State Area. I work with clients in New Jersey, Connecticut, and event Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. You can travel to meet me, or I can travel to meet you for a day session.