Between my mobile app business book, my mobile app courses and my private app entrepreneur clients, over 20,000 app entrepreneurs have come across my work.

When people ask me how they can create their app, I recommend having a developer on your team or learning to code apps. If that is not an option, outsourcing mobile app development becomes the next best option.

Many app entrepreneurs struggle with finding high-quality and dependable app engineers who deliver their apps on time, on budgets and with desired quality standards.

This is why I only recommend hand-picked and vetted app developers so that you know that you will be in great hands.

Email me to get started with a strategy session or app developer recommendations at

Here is a process I recommend:

Strategy Session

The session is $60/hour with me, Alex Genadinik. It covers full app strategy including marketing, monetization and launch strategy. It is recommended to start with just 1 hour to see what can be accomplished in that time. After the first hour, I'll make recommendations for how to move forward.

Branding And Design

For $30-35 per hour, you will work with an app designer to lay out every page and branding of your app.

App development

For $30-40 per hour, you will get two people: a senior app engineer and an account manager to make sure that your project is delivered on time, budget and to high quality.

Types of Apps I Can Help With

Types of mobile apps I can help with: game apps, business apps, productivity apps, health and exercise apps, social media apps, event apps, dating apps photo sharing apps and more.

Types Of App Development Services You Can Outsource

A few common app development tasks you can outsource are back-end software engineering including working with a database to store your app's user data and other data. There are two ways apps can store data. They can store data on a remote server in a database, or on the user's device. You can get either of those options created for you by an app engineer.

Another common part of app functionality you can have done for you is work with a device's camera and other hardware, which is especially important for photo sharing apps.

Another common part of app functionality you can have done for you is geolocation services, which is especially important for social media apps, event apps or apps that connect people who are near one another.

Custom Development Of Online Courses

In addition to custom mobile app development, I also offer done for you course creation which is essentially custom course development.

My name is Alex Genadinik and I am a top 1% online instructor. I'll be your course creator for most course topics. If I can't create a course on a topic you need, I partner with a number of custom Elearning development companies to make sure that you can get a great course made by experts in the subject matter of the course. Together, we can create nearly all kinds of corporate Elearning solutions that fit your needs.