Custom corporate Elearning development

My name is Alex Genadinik. I am a top 1% instructor on Udemy. I've been in Elearning since 2014 and have 500,000+ students. Here is my Udemy teaching profile. I'll be your course creator, and help you with your corporate Elearning development.

In this article, we'll cover:

1) How the process works

2) Pricing

3) Cheaper options

4) Additional ways I can help

How The Process Works

1) Email me at, and tell me about the Elearning solution your business needs.

2) Depending on your Elearning program needs, I'll either immediately suggest a path forward, or suggest that we get on a call to discuss your situation, and come up with possible solutions.

3) After our call, depending on the strategy you and I come up with, I'll send you a project proposal, potential timeline and deadlines, and a price quote.

Pricing For New Course Creation

Broadcast quality courses, which are the highest quality courses you can have made: $15,000 per hour of content.

Regular high-quality course content: $5,000 per hour of content.

What Goes Into The Pricing

Broadcast quality videos usually require expensive subject matter experts who are also good presenters (a rare find). They also require a team of editors and other support staff. A big part of the fee goes to the salaries of the team of experts and video editors who will create your course. This is the level of quality needed for a corporate E Learning platform.

Typical high-quality courses (slightly lower quality than broadcast quality) still require planning, recording, editing, and many other behind-the-scenes tasks to get you a great final result. A big part of the fee pays for the labor. If you have a small to mid-size business, you might not need broadcast level video quality, and typical high-quality courses will still be great. Typical high-level video quality is the level of quality required by most small business that need a white label course platform with courses to resell.

Custom Online Course Creation Is Done By Expert Instructors

Many people creating their first online course think that the most important part of the process is the knowledge they accumulated over many years of studying or hard work. They assume that anyone will benefit greatly from them sharing their knowledge. But how the students learn and benefit from the class depends on the instructor's ability to communicate ideas, speak, present, engage students, design the course, film, edit, and create each part of the content. There are many things that go into being a good instructor that get overlooked by people just starting.

When I create your custom corporate Elearning solution and work on your custom corporate Elearning development, it's done by an expert, top-1% instructor. This will get you the best possible Elearning solution. You'll be proud of sharing it with your students.

You Can License My Existing Courses Which Is Cheaper Than Creating New Ones

If the rates for custom online course creation and done for you courses feel high, another option is to license existing content. I have hundreds of high-quality, pre-made courses available to be licensed and acquired overnight.

For more information on using pre-made courses, please read about how my white label online course licensing works.

Additional Elearning Solutions

You can get much more than just having your courses created. You can also get your Elearning website made for you with a full custom Elearning LMS (Learning Management System). You can also choose to have your own white label online course platform created for you and populated with my courses ready to sell.

When You Need A Custom Elearning LMS Solution

Whether you have an existing business or want to start your own online course business, I can create an entire Elearning LMS (Learning Management System) which is a website populated by courses that are ready to be sold. This involves a lot of manual labor and can be more expensive that simple custom course creation, but it's helpful if you don't have time or employee resources and just need to get your Elearning website up and running.

Email Me To Get Started

If you want to license my existing courses, need custom course creation, need an Elearning website built for you, or just have questions, email me at: