Event marketing and management book
Event marketing book by Alex Genadinik

If you need to put on a single event or an entire event series, this book will teach you how to promote your event, how to plan it from A-Z, and how to manage it. Events are a fantastic way to add an extra marketing and revenue channel to your main business, or to become a main business for you that generates revenue.

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In the latest edition of this book I added more social media marketing strategies to promote your events before, during and after the event occurs. If you are just starting out with event marketing and putting on events, this book is a must. It will be eye-opening in what exactly you have to do in order to make your events business a success.

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This book is available in two formats. On the Amazon page linked above, you can choose the Kindle version (it is cheaper) or the paperback version.

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Here is the link to the Kindle cloud reader for you to be able to read the book on your computer, possibly as you are creating a strategy for your events business.

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1. My story and case study of how I created a successful event series
2. The basics of creating a successful event series and what you need to keep in mind
3. Ways in which you can generate revenue from your events
4. How to choose a price for your events if you do charge for attendance
5. Hiring staff for your event
6. Do you need to register your event as a business entity?
7. Do you need to get insurance for your event?
8. Getting an event venue
9. Prizes and raffles to make your event more fun and attractive
10. Summing up the first chapter


1. Collecting contact information and building regular attendance
2. Attracting event attendance
3. Local event marketing websites
4. Your event marketing website
5. Event SEO (search engine optimization) for your website
6. Event branding
7. Branding on steroids
8. Generating publicity and standing out above the crowd
9. Event video, live-streaming, and YouTube promotion
10. Making your event landing page highly converting and attractive
11. Pre-event build up with email marketing
12. Pre-event build up with social media
13. Boosting attendance from the registration thank you page
14. Promotion of the event during the event
15. Promotion of the event after the event


Excerpt From The Event Marketing Book

The biggest thing that will help you is consistency over the long term. People almost never get it right from their very first event (or even in the first few months as it was in my case). There are many things that have to fall into place like marketing, event quality, and many other factors. It simply takes time to get all the details right.

I had to go through significant struggle before my events took off and grew, and I want to encourage you not to give up as well. Struggle is a part of your journey to success. Trust me, I fully realize how frustrating it is to go through struggle. I've been there myself. I know how you feel. But you must-must-must push through those moments.

My own event series, when it first started, would get zero or just a handful of attendees. It was a frustrating and depressing experience for me. But If I had used that as a sign to stop, I would have never found the success much later.

So even before you start your first event, try to focus on the long-term, and position the event series as a long-term project. That way you will refine the problems over time, and after lots of trial and error you will get it right, and find success. But it will only come from consistency. Over time you will turn your weaknesses into strengths, and become successful.

Personally, when I was struggling, I used to hate it when people used to tell me that one day I will be successful. But then one day, if you are consistent and work hard over time, you will become successful too. Eventually it just happens, and it will happen to you too. Just make sure to work hard over time. That's really the difference maker, and why I am emphasizing this point so much here.

So if you don’t get great results at first, don’t be discouraged. Initial failure is common. Just keep hacking away at it.

Another common thing you must figure out for your event series is the balance of price vs. growth. Obviously if you make events free, you will attract maximum attendance, but as soon as you start charging even as low as $1 you will immediately and significantly decrease attendance. You always have to balance between growing attendance as aggressively as possible and. making money from the events. I will cover how to manage this later in the book so that you can have the most rapid growth while making the most amount of money.

Here is my 3-part formula for having a successful event series, and almost any other business. It is like a 3-legged stool where all 3 legs have to work. If one leg doesn't work, the stool falls, and in case of the event series, it doesn't succeed. So the three "legs" are:

1) Marketing and growth

2) Event quality

3) It has to make sense financially, and generate enough revenue to meet your financial goals for the events

Always have these most important aspects in mind when thinking about your event series, and try to align these 3 aspects of your overall strategy to work well together.

Event Planning And Marketing Coaching

If you would like personalized, one on one help with event planning and marketing, I can help you. Simply email me, and we can get started. I offer business coaching for $100/hour to help you determine if hiring me to help you with your business and marketing strategy and planning is the right choice for you without having to buy expensive coaching programs. Here is a page where I explain how you can hire me as a business coach.