Most business owners know they need to do business card marketing and networking, but most people don't do it quite right, and miss out on many potential clients. If you want to get more clients and build more business relationships through business networking, this is an amazing book for you. This book will give you practical and effective strategies that you can begin using that very same day.

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Business Card Marketing Book Table Of Contents


1. Why business card marketing
2. Body language for in person marketing
3. Your business pitch
4. Your sales pitch
5. Key to marketing success
6. Focus on retaining customers long-term
7. Practical: how to get your business cards designed and printed


1. What are you branding? Yourself? A business?
2. Your name and catch phrase
3. Your photo
4. Possible additional basic information to add
5. Link to your website or top of sales funnel
6. Make it memorable: fun fact or joke or comic
7. Don't add this: clutter and short term information
8. Get professionally made cards
9. Pros and cons of double sided business cards
10. How to track your business card marketing results
11. How to make people keep your card longer
12. Print free at VistaPrint


1. How to do business card marketing
2. PRO tip: outdoor/vehicle business card holder
3. Collect business cards and follow up AND put them in future email database for contacts
4. Business card apps (save trees)
5. Follow up in unique and creative ways to me memorable

Excerpt From The Business Card Marketing Book

1. Why business card marketing

Did you know what when first time entrepreneurs and marketers are asked about how they will promote their businesses, about 80% of them answer with something that is very close to this phrase:

"I will promote my business with business cards, flyers, Facebook and Twitter."

Be honest for a second, does this sound like your marketing strategy as well?

If it is, that is OK. Business card marketing is still a very powerful way to promote your business and begin many fruitful business relationships. It is the one single marketing strategy you can continue to implement as you move through your daily life. Anywhere you are, there you can promote your business by striking up conversations with people and exchanging business cards with them.

Business card marketing and networking isn't just for networking events. If you are a business owner, it is a way of life.

In this book, I'll help you become as good as you possibly can with your business card marketing, and help you get as much out of it as you possibly can in the short term, and hopefully for the rest of your career.

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