If you are new to starting a business and don't know what business idea or business niche to get into, this is an amazing book for you. This book will give you a foundation and a way to think about what kind of a business to get into so you can confidently choose a business direction and avoid many common mistakes people make when starting out.

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Business Niche Book Table Of Contents


1. What is a business niche
2. Why you need to find a business niche
3. Looking outside vs. looking inside yourself


1. Nine ways to find a business niche
2. How to get extra niche ideas
3. More thoughts on finding your niche
4. My own mistake when choosing a business niche
5. How to brainstorm business ideas
6. Have real conversations to get feedback
7. How to get to talk to many industry experts


1. Executive summary
2. Your product or service
3. What stage of the business are you in?
4. Your target market
5. Your target market size
6. Marketing plan: how will you market to your target users
7. Revenue model
8. The finances
9. Unit economics overview
10. Current team
11. Your competition
12. Previous investors and funding

Excerpt From The Marketing Introduction Book

1. What is a business niche

A business niche is a subset of a market that a product or service might be focused on targeting. And example of targeting a niche is a product that targets just dogs within the pet industry. And a deeper niche example might be a product that targets only a certain dog breed.

2. Why you need a business niche

There are a few reasons why it helpful and important to find your business niche:

i. When first starting a business it helps you to find an area within large industries where you can be competitive.
ii. It helps you find a specialization within your industry so people can refer others to you according to your specialization.
iii. It gives you a manageable target to achieve when first starting out.
iv. It helps you focus your business strategy and marketing efforts.
v. It helps you differentiate from more established competitors in your industry.

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