Real Estate is one of the best long-term industries of the 20th and 21st centuries, and this book will teach you about different possible careers that are possible in Real Estate. You will also learn which careers are best suited for which personalities and situations, and how to get into those careers.

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Real Estate Careers Book Table Of Contents


1. Why Real Estate
2. How this book was written
3. About Chris Stafford


1. How to become a successful Real Estate broker
2. Real Estate salesperson career
3. How to become a Real Estate investor
4. What is a Real Estate appraiser and how to become an Real Estate appraiser
5. What is a Real Estate mortgage broker and how to become one
6. Difference between a Real Estate broker and Real Estate agent
7. What is a commercial Real Estate agent and how to become one
8. How to project confidence as a salesperson
9. How to go from being a good salesperson to being a great salesperson
10. Further improving at sales: specific body language techniques
11. What to do on day 1

Excerpt From The Real Estate Careers Book

1. Why Real Estate?

Every industry has ups and downs, and so does Real Estate. But over the last 80 years, this industry has been in a consistent upward trend. There simply isn't anymore Real Estate in the world, and it is one of the most scarce resources.

For that reason, Real Estate has been one of the most reliable, consistent and profitable long-term industries to work in, and to invest in.

That is why this book focuses on Real Estate careers: to help you understand whether this industry is right for you, how to get into this industry, and how to claim your piece of it.

2. How this book was written

This book is based on an interview that I, your humble author Alex Genadinik did with Chris Stafford, who is a successful Real Estate agent, and is a multi-decade veteran of the Real Estate industry. In this interview Chris gave the basics of each Real Estate career, how to get into it, what type of personality is best for each type of a career within Real Estate, how to determine which one might be right for you, and how to ultimately succeed in that career.

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