With this book, you will learn to grow your Twitter following, build a brand on Twitter, get traffic to your website, and most importantly, generate sales. Plus, you will learn advanced Twitter marketing automation strategies.

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Twitter Marketing Book Table Of Contents


1. What you will learn in this chapter
2. SocialOomph
3. SocialQuant


1. Twitter marketing basics: 10 tips to get you up and running
2. Twitter marketing intermediate topics
3. Twitter hashtags: how to use them correctly
4. Advanced Twitter tips
5. What not to do on Twitter

Excerpt From The Twitter Marketing Book

Twitter marketing basics: 10 tips to get you up and running

Before you even start tweeting, you have to make your Twitter account be professional so that people engage with it when they do find it. So first thing is first. Post a nice and professional photo of yourself. You get bonus points if the photo is vivid or bright because it will help your photo and with it your tweets when your tweets are listed among other tweets in people's feeds. The professional and bright photo will jump out and catch people’s attention, which will increase their engagement with your tweets.

The second step to having a professional Twitter account is to have a professionally branded Twitter account. You can get a professionally done Twitter background on Fiverr.com for just $5. Bonus points if your Twitter background will have links to your website and maybe even a product of yours.

Once you have a nice background and a nice photo, the last thing you need to do on your profile is fill out your bio blurb and a link to your website. Here are a couple of pro tips for your little bio blurb. First is that you need to make it keyword-heavy so that your profile can rank well in Google searches for relevant searches. Second is to try to brand yourself as strongly as possible as an expert in your niche with how you present yourself. One of the biggest benefits of Twitter is to give you great branding.

Once you are ready to start getting followers, one of the easiest thing to do is to begin cross-promotion of all your accounts. For example, get your Facebook friends, your LinkedIn connections, and your other social contacts to follow you on Twitter by posting a link to your Twitter account on all the other social sites where you have a presence. Eventually, you should promote your other social listings to your Twitter followers. That way, people can follow you on multiple social channels, and you will have redundancy when making announcements. That redundancy will help you reach more people. In case people will miss your messages on one platform, they may not miss it on another platform where they follow you.

To get your initial followers, you can try to get a few friends and business contacts to tweet, and post the URL to your Twitter account so that their followers can follow you. You can take this strategy further by simply retweeting people in your niche/industry. They might see that, and retweet some of your tweets in return. And their retweets will give you exposure to their followers.

Make all your tweets really interesting and insightful. This way people will retweet your tweets naturally, and you will get exposure to more people, and get more followers that way.

Add your Twitter handle to your email signature. This will turn your email to every new recipient to a potential Twitter follower who is more engaged than the average Twitter follower because they already know you more than an average person since you exchanged email messages.

Whenever you get publicity for your business, you can mention that people can reach you on Twitter as one of the points of contact that you suggest. If you are not sure how to generate publicity, you can take my online course about it for free. In the last part of this book I list a number of free things that I give to readers of this book, and you can get any single course of mine for free. You can choose which course you want.

When you write your own blog posts or guest blog posts on other websites, drop your Twitter handle in the section that talks about the author so you get some followers through that blog post. The more traffic you get to that blog post the more followers this will generate.

Use URL shortening services like Goo.gl or bit.ly to turn long URLs into shorter ones so that they can comfortably fit into your tweets.

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