If you want to get into the coaching industry, this book will show you how to get started, choose a niche, price your coaching, get clients and much more.

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Business Coach Book Table Of Contents


1. What is coaching and what isn't?
2. Why coaching is so helpful?
3. Ideal person to become a coach
4. Ideal person to be coached


1. How early or late should people start coaching?
2. How to tell if you maybe should not be a coach?
3. What is your why?
4. Extra ways to stay motivated
5. Coaching certificates and degrees: should you get them?
6. How many hours per week you should expect to work
7. Making the jump from a 9-5 to full time coaching
8. How much you can expect to earn as a coach
9. How to quickly set up your online presence and start promoting your practice
10. Marketing to get clients
11. Strategies to dig down and find your niche
12. Strategies to charge & how much to charge
13. Free consultations: should you do them and do they convert people into clients?
14. How to get better paying clients
15. Additional strategies for how to charge and make money
16. Getting affiliates to resell your coaching and products
17. How to position yourself as an expert in your niche
18. Coaching locally vs. coaching on Skype
19. Time management tips for coaches to get a lot done
20. How to help your clients succeed
21. What to do with hagglers and discount seekers

Excerpt From The Coaching Book

1. What is coaching and what isn't

If you ask 100 people to define coaching, you will probably get 100 different answers. But a simple and practical definition of coaching is where someone with knowledge and experience in some matter helps a client get from point A to point B where point B is where the client is hoping to get.

In other words, coaching is about helping people get desired results.

One common misconception about business coaching, life coaching or other professional coaching is that it is much like sports coaching where the coach tells the players exactly what to do. It isn't quite like that in business coaching. In business or life coaching, the coach listens more, brainstorms with clients, works together with clients to figure out a path to the client’s success, and over time helps the client reach that success.

2. Why coaching is so helpful

When I was a younger and less experienced entrepreneur, I made many very bad and costly mistakes that could have been avoided with just a little bit of good advice. Instead, without that advice I ended up making mistakes that wasted many months of my time and quite a bit of my money.

The power of coaching is that it helps people who are just starting out in any field (and even experienced people) to shorten their learning curve, and help them succeed or achieve whatever they are after faster. That is an invaluable benefit that anyone could use, and that is what makes good coaching so special.

If you ask most people how valuable it would have been for them to achieve whatever they achieved, but much sooner, they would probably say that this would be incredibly valuable.

Most young entrepreneurs don't seek out help, but seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals know just how much better their experience can be with proper coaching. A good coach can help you shorten your learning curve of whatever you are trying to learn or learn, help you avoid mistakes, and help you succeed faster.

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