This book will teach you the best ways to benefit and learn from mastermind groups as well as how to profit from masterminds directly by organizing such groups and charging people money to join.

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Business Niche Book Table Of Contents


1. What are masterminds?
2. Why masterminds?
3. Ideal person to start and run a mastermind group
4. Ideal person to join a mastermind group


1. How often do mastermind groups meet?
2. How to be a great mastermind organizer & increase the chances of participant success
3. How to run a single mastermind session
4. Opening up to strangers vs. people you know
5. How many weeks or months should a mastermind go?
6. How to find the right price for a mastermind group?
7. Making the mastermind work for everyone's schedule
8. What to do starting on day 1
9. Why masterminds fail
10. How to host your mastermind with Google Hangout
11. How to get people to join your mastermind group
12. How much money you can make from masterminds
13. Additional revenue streams for masterminds
14. Long term value of creating masterminds

Excerpt From The Masterminds Book

What are masterminds

If you are not familiar with what mastermind groups are, let me quickly explain it to you. A mastermind group is a group of people typically between 2-10 individuals who are interested in the same subject area, and meet on a regular basis in an online or offline environment to support one another, brainstorm solutions to challenges, hold one another accountable, and get feedback and advice from one another.

A mastermind group can focus on various business topics, hobby or general interest topics, or any other subject matter. Some of the most common mastermind groups tend to be for entrepreneurs who use the support and advice of the group to make faster progress with their businesses.

You can think of masterminds as small cousins of one-on-one coaching. One on one coaching is typically more expensive, so masterminds are great for people who need support, but are on a budget. A mastermind group member typically gets less attention than a coaching client, but they pay less. The advantage that masterminds typically have over coaching is that very often, the people in a mastermind forge strong business relationships that they maintain for years after the mastermind ends. And those business relationships can bring many additional benefits far beyond the immediate mastermind.

Another difference between coaching and being part of a mastermind is that a mastermind is typically made up of peers who are on approximately the same level as you are, and coaching is typically done by someone who is far more advanced, and coaches a person who is much less experienced.

Mastermind groups have their origins from Napoleon Hill who is one of the most well known business people and authors. He became well known in the 1920s. Napoleon studied some of the most successful people of his time, and noticed a pattern and a similarity among them. They all had what he called a mastermind. He defined a mastermind as a group of people who met together to brainstorm ideas, and together form a collective intelligence that is higher than the intelligence of any of the individuals taken separately.

Another trait of a mastermind that Napoleon Hill noticed is that each member of a mastermind was fully committed to helping the other members of the mastermind succeed. They were all invested in each other's success.

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