This book will teach you to brand yourself and your business in a number of different ways. You will be able to use these skills for the rest of your career and in your business.

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Personal Branding Book Table Of Contents


1. Benefits of being a thought leader or a celebrity
2. What kind of a celebrity will you become
3. How to make yourself such a celebrity or influencer


1. Path 1: How to write a bestselling book
2. Path 2: Create a popular YouTube show or a podcast
3. Path 3: Build a successful business
4. Path 4: Become a journalist or pundit
5. Path 5: Network within your industry as much and as intelligently as possible


1. Visual and written branding: present and carry yourself like a million bucks!
2. Your social media prominence
3. Your LinkedIn profile
4. Google SEO to get people to find what you want them to find

Excerpt From The Personal Branding Book

1. Benefits of being a thought leader or a celebrity

If you are reading this book, you probably don't need no have the benefits of being a thought leader or a celebrity explained, but I want to take just a moment to outline the main benefits of it so that everyone reading this book is on the same page.

In this book I'll use three terms like celebrity, thought leader and influencer interchangeably because at the end of the day, for our purposes, they are almost the same thing.

When you think of the word celebrity, what comes to mind? Is it some spoiled people you see on TV like Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian? Is it an athlete, singer or another type of entertainer? Or is it someone like Marc Zuckerberg or Jack Welch (for those of us who are slightly older) or Elon Musk or Marc Cuban?

The answer is all of the above. Having celebrity status does something for these people. It makes everyone else see them as mysterious, more privileged, wealthier, better networked, having more open doors and opportunities, having more freedom and awe-inspiring experiences. At the end of the day, it makes people take more of an interest in those people compared to other "regular" people, and listen to what they have to say a little bit more intently.

What happens to our human brains when we see someone like that? We want the same things that these celebrities have for ourselves as well. No matter how much some of us deny that we don't care for being a celebrity, most of us would like to have some of the benefits like affluence, open doors of opportunity when we want them, for people to look up to us, and aspire to be like us.

When it comes to your business, these are exactly the benefits that will propel your personal brand and your business forward because it will help you grow trust, more authority, have more people want to network with you and do you favors, and ultimately help you to make more sales!

And in the rest of this book I'll explain to you exactly how you can work to position yourself as a celebrity and grow your presence and your celebrity ora.

2. What kind of a celebrity will you become

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I won't be able to turn you into the next Justin Beiber. Instead of being a pure celebrity, what you really need is to become a "celebrity in your business niche" or your industry. This is also sometimes referred to as being a thought leader or an influencer.

This is a person who stands out in an industry and is known, listened to, is referenced as an authority on a subject matter, and is talked about in the industry.

This kind of a person is usually also powerful in that they have large followings of people who listen to them. These celebrities or influencers can use that power to sell many products to their large follower bases, or get those follower bases to do anything else they need to do.

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