Even though all the rage today is about online marketing, offline and in-person marketing is still very effective because it allows you to establish a real connection with people and there is more trust in the interaction.

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Offline Marketing Book Table Of Contents


1. Why offline marketing is still so effective
2. Body language for in person
3. Your business pitch
4. Your sales pitch
5. Key to marketing success
6. Focus on retaining customers long-term
7. Practical: how to get your print materials printed and designed cheaply


1. How to get yourself appearances on the radio and podcasts
2. 3 ways to get business referrals
3. How to promote your business with business cards
4. How to join a local press club to get publicity
5. When to hire a PR agency
6. Printing your logo on a t-shirt, hat and everywhere else
7. Getting your community involved
8. Promoting with events
9. Marketing with flyers
10. Door to door marketing
11. Guerrilla marketing
12. Newspaper classifieds
13. Direct snail mail advertising
14. Setting up a storefront
15. Fairs and flea markets

Excerpt From The Marketing Introduction Book

Why offline marketing is still so effective

Everyone these days seems to be focused on promoting their business on social media, SEO (search engine optimization), or through other online methods. These strategies do work fantastically, and I myself use them with tremendous success. But offline marketing can still get you very far, especially since most people over-focus on online promotion of their businesses, it leaves the offline marketing techniques with less competition, which is great for you.

Offline marketing even has a number of strengths and advantages over online marketing. One of the main advantages that offline marketing has over online marketing is that in many of the offline marketing tactics, you get to meet people face to face, and forge a real human connection and a relationship. That is so much more powerful than having people find you online and click links, read text, see your little thumbnail photo, at at best watch your video.

In offline marketing, you can look people in the eyes, forge much stronger relationships, get people’s trust, and have a chance to build a long-term business relationship with many people you meet. And not only will your sales conversion rate be higher after you get people’s trust, but those new business relationships can give you value for years or even decades to come.

Some of the challenges that offline marketing has is that it doesn’t scale like online marketing does. In online marketing, you can get hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people to come in contact with your work. But in offline marketing it takes a long time to talk to and convince many people to engage with your business.

Nevertheless, you can still accomplish quite a bit with offline marketing. It is still very effective, and in this book I will explain to you how you can get the most out of some of the most common offline marketing techniques.

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