This is my designated Udemy sale page. Moving forward I will update this page to bring you the latest and greatest Udemy courses on sale. Bookmark this page and come back to it whenever you want to learn a new skill or want to find more discounted Udemy courses.

At the moment, the sale is for some of my top business and marketing courses, but in the future, this sale will expand to coupons from other popular instructors on Udemy teaching a wider variety of online courses.

$10 Sale On My Most Popular Business, Marketing & Productivity Courses

Sections Within This Page

Current Udemy Sale

At the moment I am doing a promotion on over 100 courses to get any of my courses for just $10 or 95% OFF. Check out my full Udemy coupons page with over 50 Udemy courses on sale.

There are a few pages with Udemy course coupons for specific topics. Here is a page with Udemy SEO course discounts and here is a page with general Udemy marketing course discounts.

Current $10 Udemy Sale

At the moment I am doing a promotion to get any of my courses for just $10 or 50% OFF. Check out my full Udemy coupons page with over 50 Udemy courses on sale.

How to write a business plan - part of the full course on how to start a business (cheaper with this link if you just want to learn about how to create a business plan).

How to start a business: step by step guide - this course is based on research of 300,000 entrepreneurs, and the questions they had when they were trying to start their businesses.

How to find your business niche - helpful if you are trying to figure out what is a good business to get into

How to write a marketing plan - don't start a business without having a very strong marketing plan for your business

Udemy Discount Codes And Coupons On Amazing Marketing Courses

Marketing strategies to reach 1,000,000 people - my most loved and most comprehensive course with 14 hours of tutorials on how to grow your business in MANY different ways. This is an epic marketing courses with over 13 hours of content and over 120 lectures on SEO, social media marketing, and many more ways to promote your business.

Smart and savvy SEO that really does get you traffic - I share strategies I used to grow my business to reach well over 1,000,000 people (this course is a part of the course with marketing strategies to reach 1,000,000 people).

Advanced social media marketing - learn how professional marketers approach social media marketing and how you can improve to actually get clients from it (this course is a part of the course with marketing strategies to reach 1,000,000 people).

How to get publicity for your business - get a lot of traffic, improve your reputation and branding, and get clients by getting publicity

Facebook marketing to increase engagement 1000% - get more clients from your Facebook marketing efforts. Conclusions from industry research and my own findings.

Twitter marketing strategies to raise engagement 1000% - strategies that work to get much more out of your Twitter marketing

Advanced Twitter marketing with automation - learn how to automate your account 95% and get more followers, traffic from Twitter, and leads for your business.

Local business marketing - if you have a local business, this course has a great collection of promotional strategies that really work

Event management and marketing - learn to put on successful events and use that as a channel to make money or grow an existing business

YouTube marketing - learn to rank videos on YouTube AND Google search. See how I got 1,000,000 views on YouTube for my channel.

Offline marketing - offline promotional strategies for your business that work

LinkedIn marketing - get leads and sales from the specific strategy outlined in this course

Personal branding on steroids - position yourself as a celebrity as a celebrity in your niche and get more authority, sales, trust and recognition

Link-building for SEO - top and creative strategies to get authoritative and relevant links for SEO, which is still the #1 way to get your website to rank highly in Google

How I got 50+ radio show and podcast guest appearances in one year - learn my strategies for getting publicity on the radio and on podcast shows every week. Reach thousands upon thousands of people and generate leads and sales with my strategies.

Business card marketing and networking - learn to promote your business with networking and business cards.

Promote your business with fliers - learn to promote your business by creating and passing out fliers the right way.

Udemy Coupons And Discounts On How To Make Money Online And Raising Money

22 strategies to make money online - this course should pay for itself if just one of the strategies works for you. It is a great collection of strategies

How to make significant money on Fiverr - learn strategies from top sellers on Fiverr

Fundraising strategies to raise money for your business - part of the full course on how to start a business

Affiliate marketing - generate more income from home or add a revenue stream to an existing business. This course should quickly pay for itself.

How to increase sales - a collection of sales tips and strategies that are sure to help you make much more money

How to make up to 1000% more money from customers - strategies to get your customers to have a longer lifetime relationship with your business, buy more products and services and spend more money with your business.

How to make money on Etsy - complete course on how to make your Etsy course a success, even if you don’t actually make your own products

How to sell with video - 5 different video formats that can help you sell more of anything

Udemy Discount Coupons On Mobile App Courses

Learn Android mobile app development - make your own Android apps or get a well paying job

How to create a successful mobile app business - (my best and most loved course) learn from my approach in which I got 1,000,000 app downloads and made it into a successful business.

Business Law Udemy Course Discounts

How to check for trademarks - make sure your business name, website or logo does not infringe on existing trademarks so you can be safe. Every business should do this, and this course saves money on not having to hire a lawyer

Business and start-up law - learn law associated with hiring, firing, online privacy, business registration, and more. US law only

Courses On How to Set Up Your Website

How to find a great domain name for your business - and even make money buying good domains and selling them

How to build a WordPress website in 1 day - yes, build your own basic website in just 1 day and get your business started

Course Sale On How To Write Books And Sell Them On Amazon And Kindle

How to write a book without writing a single word - especially if you have ideas and think you might not be a good writer or don’t have time to write.

How to become an Amazon best selling author - sell more books and improve your reputation and have something amazing to put on your resume

Course Sale On Other Entrepreneurship And Business Topics

How to find a voice that resonates with your customers - if you want your customers to like your business and engage with it, you need to approach them the right way. In this course you learn rather advanced strategies for doing that.

Basic business finances introduction - all entrepreneurs must understand these issues at least to some degree

Real estate careers - learn how to get into real estate, which is historically the best and most lucrative industry, consistently over many decades

How to improve your website's usability and conversion - make more money without having to increase traffic by increasing conversion rates and usability throughout your website

How to start a WordPress plugins business - WordPress powers 20% of all websites online and this can be a very good and inexpensive business to get into

Software project management - learn how to correctly run and make your software projects more successful

Introduction to marketing - great if you are new to marketing

How to create ads that sell - learn about creating effective ads and headlines

Productivity tips for people starting a business but working a 9-5 job - squeeze more out of the time you have to work on your business

Entrepreneurship - I share my tips on what it took for me to become a strong entrepreneur

How to become a business coach - or any other coach and make money teaching people what you love doing

Masterminds - how to set up mastermind groups and make money from them

Free Udemy Course Coupons

How to get business help with Problemio business apps - 4-app series on fundraising, business planning, marketing and business ideas

Experiment with analysis on how to build a business in record time - learn to start an ecommerce business on Etsy, what mistakes to avoid and what to do right

Health And Fitness Course Discounts And Coupons

Boxing and kickboxing - learn how to do boxing for fitness and self-defense. Plus many beginner lectures recently added to help you get off the ground

How to improve at any sport - learn how to become faster, stronger, smarter and decrease chance of injury, especially if you have children playing sports

Calisthenics - complete body workout without the gym. Save thousands of dollars on gym fees by doing calisthenics

High intensity interval training (HIIT) - one of the most effective workout routines practiced today. I use this and it really works to give you a good cardio and muscle building workout that gets results

1-hour Yoga class - just like you would have at the gym, but at your own home, any time, and for only $1 instead of spending hundreds of dollars on the gym

How to lose weight - a basic no-frills course that gives you the information you need. Plus it includes my own case study of losing weight

How to become a personal trainer - if you ever wanted to become a personal trainer or make money helping others become healthier, this is the course for you

How to work up to doing a pull-up - learn how to work up to doing a pull-up, and then progress to doing many pull-ups.

How Udemy Sales Work

Udemy has promotions almost every month. There is usually a large site-wide sale a few times per month where you can get all courses at a discounted rate. Most regular students don't know about this because the bulk of promotion for those sales happen via Udemy affiliates.

Every once in a while, there is a Udemy site-wide sale where Udemy let's all its students know that there is a big site-wide sale. During those promotions, all students who visit the Udemy website see a message that all courses are discounted on a promotion, and usually many students snap up many courses at the sale prices.

How Much Money Can You Save?

In the past Udemy used to do $10 site-wide deals, $15 deals, $19, $24 and $29 deals. The most popular sales were $10 site-wide sales. To be honest, I myself used to wait for those site-wide $10 deals and only buy courses during those promotions.

After April 4th, 2016 Udemy will change its policy to no longer offer set price site-wide sales, but offer a percentage based sale on courses with the largest discount being 50%. So if a course is priced at $50, it will never be on sale for less than $25. At least that is what Udemy is saying that their long-term plan will be from now on. Of course, if students really hate this, Udemy might change their policy. But at the moment it looks like this discounting and Udemy sale policy is here to stay.

Udemy Sales From Instructors

Instructors like myself are able to create their own promotions. I send out two emails per month per course informing students on a sale that I am myself running. I also create coupon codes that I share with potential students on my website. On this website I have an ongoing Udemy sale with my 50 best courses, new courses that I create, and soon with courses made by other instructors.

Instructor Udemy Sale Prices After April 4th, 2016

After the April 4th Udemy policy change, instructor sales can only be up to 50% of the current course prices. I used to do cheaper promotions and better deals, but now 50% OFF will be the cheapest possible course price, and the $10 course price will only be possible in cases when the non-sale price is $20.

Udemy App

There is also my Udemy Android app that brings you my current promotions. In the future my goal for the app is to give you discounts on as many courses by different instructors as possible. But for now, the app just has sales on my Udemy courses. Here is the link to learn more abut my Udemy app.

More Udemy Deals

Also check out this page with upcoming Udemy deals.

Buy Or License My Udemy Courses To Sell On Your Site. Or Have Courses Made For You

Do you want to resell my courses for hundreds or thousands of dollars on your site? You can buy rights to my courses, or license them to sell them online. Imagine if you licensed 50 courses from me, sold them at $500 each, and got a client who bought all of them. This is $25,000 revenue from just a single person. You would need very few such customers to become immediately wealthy. Here is my page explaining how you can license elearning courses to sell on your site.

Go Beyond Licensing Courses With Franchising

You can have your own elearning website made for you, get my courses, and even get ongoing coaching from me if you franchise my elearning business. Here is a page where you can learn more about elearning franchising for many online courses. You can have everything set up and get started in as early as one month.