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My name is Alex Genadinik, your online course creator. I am a top 1% instructor on Udemy. I've been in Elearning since 2014 and have 500,000+ students. Here is my Udemy teaching profile.

To create custom corporate training, I partner with Mark Lassoff who is also a top 1% instructor and has taught over 1,000,000 students. Together, we can create custom Elearning solutions for your business on topics like technology, productivity, business, and marketing. In this article, we'll cover:

1) Pricing

2) How the custom course creation process works and what you can expect

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Custom Course Creation Pricing

- $5,000 per hour of content for regular high-quality course content.

- $15,000 per hour of content for broadcast-quality custom corporate training, which is the best possible quality.

Why Are Custom Courses So Expensive?

Broadcast quality for custom corporate training usually requires hiring expensive subject matter experts who are also good presenters (a rare find). They also require a team of editors and other support staff. A big part of the course fee goes to the team of experts who will be creating your course. I only partner with the best custom Elearning development companies to create custom courses for you.

Typical high-quality courses (slightly lower quality than broadcast quality, but still very good) still require planning, recording, editing, and many other behind-the-scenes tasks to get you a great final result. A big part of the fee pays for manual labor.

Custom Online Course Creation Is Done By Expert, Veteran Online Instructors

Many people who are creating their first online course think that the most important part of the course is sharing of their knowledge. But how the students learn and ultimately enjoy and benefit from the class depends on the instructor's ability to communicate ideas, engage students, design the course, and create the course. There are many things that go into being a good instructor that get overlooked by people just starting out.

If you need to create custom corporate training, the person creating the course should not be a first-time instructor.

With my custom course creation service, you get help from professional online instructors in designing your course and the entire online course creation. This will help you make the best possible course you can, which will help you have happy and successful students, and a course you can sell at premium prices.

How The Custom Corporate Training Process Works

If you need to have custom corporate training created and don't have in-house expertise, I can help you plan and create your Elearning content. Here are the steps:

1) We will get on a call and discuss your needs.

2) I'll be able to determine whether I or my network of top-instructors who specialize in different course topics can help you.

3) If we agree to work together, we'll map out the course content and I'll give you a price quote along with deadlines.

4) Throughout the process, I'll provide progress updates and send content for your feedback to make sure that we end up with custom corporate training your business needs.

Custom Full Elearning Development

If you need complete development for your full Elearning project, explore the custom Elearning course development option. It's similar to just creating one course, but much more involved because it involves more overall strategy and consideration of your business needs.

Why Licensing Existing Courses Is Cheaper Than Creating Custom Courses

If you create the courses on your own, you will need to buy:

- Studio space (and time looking for it)
- Microphones (and time researching it)
- Cameras (and time researching it, learning how to use it, and learning videography)
- Video editing software (researching it and learning to use it)
- Hiring staff (plus time interviewing, firing, re-hiring, and managing)

While these costs are significant, you also have an additional cost of going through the learning curve of learning how to teach and present.

This can easily take tens of thousands of dollars and resources like time that you simply don't have. That's why it's better to have proven experts create your content for you at prices that are cheaper than what it would cost you while creating a course that is orders of magnitude better that what any first-time course creator would have done.

Cheaper Option: License Existing Courses Instead Of Custom Course Creation

If the rates for custom online course creation and done for you courses feel high to you, another option is to license courses. I have hundreds of high-quality, pre-made courses available to be licensed and acquired overnight.

For more information on using pre-made courses, please read about how my course licensing works.

Additional Options For Starting Your Elearning Business

You can get much more than just having your courses created. You can also get your Elearning website made for you and have ongoing coaching to help you through the process. You can franchise my business which gets you coaching, courses, and an Elearning website. Or you can simply choose to have your own white label online course platform created for you and populated with my courses ready to sell.

Just Starting? Get Elearning Coaching

In case you are just starting your online business, I am also available for Elearning coaching to help you plan, create, and promote your course business.

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