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My Top SEO Courses Explained

1) Marketing strategies to reach 1,000,000 people with SEO and social media - this is my bestselling course. It is also my longest, richest and one of the most highly reviewed courses on Udemy. I am constantly working on improving it. If you are new to marketing, this course will be quite eye-opening for you, and will help you promote your business.

2) Link-building with SEO - link-building continues to be the #1 way to build authority in Google's eyes, and to rank higher in Google search.

3) Voice SEO - this is the future of search. Voice search is when people talk into their phone and ask something of their phone using their voices. Voice SEO is rapidly growing, and will soon surpassed typed search.

4) Local marketing and SEO - if you have a local business like an office, store, home repair or any other business that services clients locally, this is the course for you.

5) Google image SEO - this is a unique course, focusing on ranking images.

6) Mobile app SEO (ASO) - if you have a mobile app, most apps get most of their downloads from app store search (Apple App Store or Google Play Store) so you must do ASO (App Store Optimization) in order to rank for relevant app searches and get downloads that way.

7) Advanced SEO keyword research - keyword research is the foundation of any search engine optimization work you do, which makes keyword research an extremely important search engine optimization topic.

8) Ranking all top-10 Google search results to show your business - if you are trying to rank for a keyword that is not too competitive, you can have multiple listings in the top-10 of Google search results, and this course shows you how to do that.

9) Google rich snippets for SEO - Google rich snippets are becoming an important part of structured data and they give you a visual advantage over other items that come up on the search results page, helping to increase the clickthrough rate to your site.

10) Amazon SEO and selling paperback and Kindle books - if you are selling a book on Amazon or the Kindle, search engine optimization is important there too. Many books are discovered through search, and you must do what you can to rank highly.

11) On-page SEO - once you do your keyword research, the next part of the search engine optimization process is to place those keywords on your website in the most effective way.

12) Google Citations for new websites - if you have a new website, Google Citations will help you get the ball rolling with your search engine optimization efforts.

13) YouTube SEO - many YouTube videos are discovered through searching. Learn YouTube SEO and make sure your videos rank highly when people search for various things on YouTube.

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How Udemy Sales Work

Udemy has promotions almost every month. There is usually a large site-wide sale a few times per month where you can get all courses at a discounted rate. Most regular students don't know about this because the bulk of promotion for those sales happen via Udemy affiliates.

Every once in a while, there is a Udemy site-wide sale where Udemy lets all its students know that there is a big site-wide sale. During those promotions, all students who visit the Udemy website see a message that all courses are discounted on a promotion, and usually many students snap up many courses at the sale prices.

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License Specific SEO And Marketing Courses

In addition to taking SEO courses as a student, you can license SEO courses to resell on your site. Here is the page describing how you can white label SEO courses to resell.

Here are some of my additional marketing courses to license and resell:

- Internet marketing strategies
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