Best YouTube Marketing And YouTube SEO Course

My YouTube marketing and YouTube SEO course is consistently one of the highest ranking YouTube courses on Udemy, I update it a few times a year with minor updates and once I year I give it a major update.

The training covers free YouTube marketing, YouTube SEO, YouTube's recommendation algorithm, YouTube ads, video production, and much more. The training is over 10 hours of video and at this price it's an absolute steal.

My History As A YouTube Course Creator

When I began creating my own videos back in 2012, I had no clue what I was doing and I made every mistake in the book. At least it seems that I made every mistake.

But I kept making videos, fixing my mistakes, and constantly improving. My videos are by no means professional, but I can say that they are high-quality amateur level videos.

In these courses, I'll help you skip months and years of frustration by showing you all the mistakes beginners make and how to fix those mistakes so you can start making great videos quickly.

For a full list of my courses, please visit my complete Udemy course coupons page.

This page contains courses on YouTube marketing, video production, and on how to create a fantastic online course and get into the Elearning business, which is very popular today. Check out these pages for a full list of my online course discounts and ongoing Udemy sales.

What You Will Learn In The Courses

- YouTube marketing course - learn how to do YouTube SEO and influence the YouTube recommendation algorithm.

- Learn video production techniques to get up and running in just a few days, creating high-quality videos for YouTube or Udemy courses.

How Udemy Sales Work

Udemy has a large sale a few times per month where you can get all courses at a discounted rate. But that is rare. On this site, you can find courses that are priced at steepest discounts that are possible on Udemy, every day of the year.

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My Other Course-Related Services To Help You Get Into Elearning

If you want to start your own online course business, I offer a few options to help you. The first option is to franchise my online course business where you get my courses to resell, a website, and coaching. The second. Option is custom course creation where you get your own custom-made courses. I also offer online course coaching services where you and I can have a one-on-one conversation about your ambitions to either start an Elearning business or a YouTube business.

Buy Or License My Udemy Courses To Sell On Your Site

Do you want to resell my courses for hundreds or thousands of dollars on your site? You can buy rights to resell my courses on your website. Imagine if you licensed 50 courses from me, sold them at $500 each, and got a client who bought all of them. This is $25,000 revenue from just a single person. You would need very few such customers to become immediately wealthy. This kind of licensing is called PLR (Private Label Rights). Here is my page explaining how my PLR courses work.

If you are worried about having the courses branded under your business, you can white label online courses to resell them as your own brand.

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