Today, social media requires the ability to create great videos. Here is a link to my video production course so you can begin creating great videos. And here is a link to my YouTube marketing and sales courses.

Instructor Background

I've been an entrepreneur for 15+ years, have coached 1,000+ entrepreneurs in person, taught 500,000+ students, impacted millions of entrepreneurs worldwide creating 6 and 7-figure businesses in the process, and I would love to help you.

What You Will Learn In These Social Media Marketing Courses

You will learn everything from going viral to Twitter, Facebook marketing, TikTok marketing, Instagram marketing, YouTube marketing, and even less common topics like Reddit marketing. Social media is very wide-ranging and the course selection has to be wide-ranging as well.

How Udemy Sales Work

Udemy has a large sale a few times per month where you can get all courses at a discounted rate. But that is rare. On this site, you can find courses that are priced at steepest discounts that are possible on Udemy, every day of the year.

To stay up to date with the latest Udemy deals, visit the Udemy deals page to see what's available.

Discounts On Additional Udemy Courses

In addition to the social media marketing courses on this page, I created a number of other courses on topics like business, marketing, personal development, and career growth. Here is a list of my other Udemy courses with discounts codes:

- SEO courses
- Udemy marketing courses
- YouTube courses
- Publicity courses
- Business planning courses
- Cryptocurrency and Metaverse courses
- Cryptocurrency courses
- Writing and English courses
- Instagram courses
- Social media marketing courses

Buy Or License My Udemy Courses To Sell On Your Site

Do you want to resell my courses for hundreds or thousands of dollars on your site? You can buy rights to resell my courses on your website. Imagine if you licensed 50 courses from me, sold them at $500 each, and got a client who bought all of them. This is $25,000 revenue from just a single person. You would need very few such customers to become immediately wealthy. This kind of licensing is called PLR (Private Label Rights). Here is my page explaining how my PLR courses work.

If you are not familiar with the process of licensing or selling a white label course, it is a way to resell these courses as a part of your business and collect revenue on their sales. The courses can be sold as a part of your existing business or as a whole new business you can start today. My service allows you to white label online video courses to resell as your own and customize them however you need for your brand.

Get A White Label Social Media Marketing Platform

One of the services I offer is creating your own online course website on which you can resell my courses and keep 100% of the revenue from your own sales. Here is the link to learn about getting an online course franchise made for you and one about having a white label online course platform.

Social Media Marketing Courses I Can License To Resell Instead Of Just Being A Student

Marketing courses available for PLR licensing

- Internet marketing strategies
- Social media marketing
- Facebook marketing and Facebook ads
- YouTube marketing PLR course
- Internet marketing PLR course
TikTok marketing
- Instagram marketing
- Personal branding and influencer marketing
- Sales copywriting

- Digital marketing PLR courses

Business plan and strategy courses available for PLR licensing

- Learn about all my PLR business courses - How to write a business plan
- How to write a marketing plan
- How to find your business niche
- How to start a business
- Customer service course

Productivity and personal development video courses for PLR licensing

- Time management
- Procrastination
- Management and leadership
- Motivation PLR course
- Emotional Intelligence
- Goal setting
- Spirituality courses
- Self-improvement courses
- Happiness and fulfilment

Courses on how to make money online available for PLR licensing

- Affiliate marketing
- Ecommerce marketing
- Freelancing on Fiverr
- Bitcoin investing
- Business coaching
- How to write a book, sell your book on Amazon, and become a bestselling Amazon author
- Mobile app business

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Bitcoin video courses for PLR licensing

- Trading and investing in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
- Using Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in everyday life
- Understanding the basics of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
- Here is a page with all my available White label Cryptocurrency courses

Professional skill video training via PLR licensing

- Google G Suite
- Spreadsheets, Google Sheets, and Excel
- Google Docs
- English grammar and writing

- This page offers more information on programming and technology PLR courses.