License business courses

It may feel daunting to start an online course business. There are many challenges like choosing a niche, creating the courses, figuring out where and how to sell courses, creating your own website, and more.

It is admittedly difficult, but I can make it easier for you. I am a top 1% online teacher with 500,000+ students. I offer Elearning coaching to help new online course entrepreneurs and I can help you in a number of ways.

Of course, there is a difference between having courses or needing to create your online courses. If you don't have courses to sell, you can get them overnight by licensing white label online courses to resell on your site and get courses on day one.

Deciding On Selling On Udemy Or Your Own Website

If you sell courses on a marketplace like Udemy, you may not need a website. But if you want to sell courses on your own website, you'll need to get a domain name and sign up for online course hosting sites like Teachable or Thinkific. If you need your own website, one of the services I offer is to create your own white label online course platform.

Specific Online Courses You Can License From Me

There are a number of marketing courses available for licensing. They include courses on Internet marketing, social media marketing, Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing, TikTok marketing, Instagram, personal branding, and other digital marketing courses.

I also have a number of PLR business courses like management and leadership, customer service, time management, motivation, Cryptocurrency and more.

If You Sell Courses On Udemy

It's nearly impossible to sell licensed courses on Udemy so the two other options you have is either to create your own online courses or to have an online course created for you. It can typically take a month to have a course created for you by professionals. That seems slow, but the course will likely come out better if you create it on your own because experienced Elearning professionals already have good audio and video equipment. Plus, they have experience creating courses and can make a better course than first-time instructors.

It might also cost a few thousand dollars to have an online course created for you, but again, you'd be paying to have a better course and to save you time that you'd otherwise spend on buying recording equipment and creating your courses.

Deciding Between Speed vs. Cost vs. Quality

In a perfect world, you would have the best courses that are created overnight for free. But this is an impossible wish. You must decide on a tradeoff that's right for you. Of course, even if you don't pay for licensing courses, you still have to pay for recording equipment and a microphone. Plus, there is a cost of time. You will have to spend dozens of hours to create your course if not more.

The Hidden Cost - Your Learning Curve Time

At the time of this writing, I have been in the Elearning industry for 7 years and I am still learning and improving. In other words, your learning curve never ends. I wish that I made amazing courses on day one, but that's not realistic. With anything, it takes a lot of effort to improve. The courses are taken by real people. If they like the course, they will buy more and rate your courses higher. If they don't like your courses, they will leave damaging ratings. So course quality must be superb and to get there as a course creator takes years.

Have Every Elearning Question Answered

If you have more questions about starting an Elearning business or anything about the industry overall, browse through the questions in my Elearning FAQ where I have a large database of answers about the Elearning business.