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My name is Alex Genadinik. I've been in Elearning since 2014 and have over 250,000 students. Here is my Udemy teaching profile. In this article, we'll cover:

How to make great talking head videos.

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All You Have To Do Is Point A Camera And Talk, Right?

Sure, you can record just by pressing the record button. And if we were in the year 2010, that would be fantastic and you would probably have sufficient quality to dominate on YouTube and Udemy in your niche and that could be the beginning of your ultimate 7-figure business. But online video creation has matured since then and you will find that your competitors are quite good at creating videos today so you must be at either their current level or better, but certainly not worse.

What Does A Great Talking Head Video Need?

If you are creating talking head videos, there are already a few disadvantages like limited graphics or visuals. So at least make sure that you have great audio and video quality and what you say is expressed well and interesting.

If you have a budget, for a few hundred dollars, you can buy a microphone, a pop filter, foam to dampen echoes, and get great audio in your home studio.

Here is a page that discusses the best microphone for online courses. In addition to a microphone you may also use acoustic foam, microphone mount, and a pop filter. All these are standard pieces of equipment to help you create great audio.

Camera Options

Today, you have many great options to record video ranging from your smartphone, webcam, cheap DSLR or camcorders. but keep in mind - to get great video quality, you may have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Presenting Well

To present well, you must pre-plan your videos. The video must be good by itself and fit well in conjunction with other videos in the course so that all the videos flow as people take the course. During your planning of each video, you have to be clear about the single most important point you want to make, what example you will use, and how to express yourself clearly and in an interesting way without stopping to think in the middle of the video.

The Challenge With Talking Head Videos

It can be difficult to edit talking head videos if you made a mistake in a weird spot that isn't easy to edit out. While filming, be aware of your mistakes and know where in the video you can add graphics over your image to cover the mistake. Graphics over a video are called a b-roll. Sometimes it can be easy to cover something with a b-roll, but sometimes it can't the the solution so while filming, be aware of where the good stopping points are and if you make a mistake, start over at the last good stopping point.

The Challenge With Talking Head Videos Beyond The Content

You're on video so you must look and dress well, have a good set behind you that is well-lit, and you must not only worry about what you say, but how you say it, and how your body language and facial expressions appear as you deliver the content. Your body language and facial expressions must convey your excitement for the subject matter while also emphasize which points are important.

Keep in mind that it's simple enough to do one of these things well, but it's quite difficult to do all of these things well at the same time while you are presenting and still focusing on the substance of what you are presenting. That's the real challenge of talking head videos - getting everything right at the same time and making no mistakes.

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