This is a designated page for my Udemy coupons on personal development courses on topics such as time management, productivity, motivation, goal setting, professional skills, and more.

Get Coupons On More Of My Online Courses

I am doing a promotion to get any of my 100+ courses for just $10 or 90% OFF. Check out my full list of Udemy coupons with over 100 of my most popular Udemy courses on sale.

How Instructor Udemy Sales Work

Udemy used to allow instructors to reduce course prices to any price instructors chose during instructor-driven sales. That got raised to $9.99 and after that it got raised again to whatever the lowest site-wide deal is on Udemy. So today instructors have constraints on the Udemy sale they can create. But instructors can still run two sales per month because that is what Udemy allows.

Coupons To License And White Label My Marketing Courses

I offer more options than just enrolling in my courses as a student. If you want to start your own online course business in which you resell courses, I offer white label personal development courses that you can license and resell on your website. If you are not sure what it means to white label courses, here is a tutorial on how to white label online online courses to resell.

My additional personal development courses you can license are these time management PLR courses, this PLR motivation course, this business writing course, and this leadership PLR course.

I also offer white label courses on many additional topics that you can license and resell on your website.

I offer a number of marketing courses you can white label and sell on your website. Here is a list of marketing courses available for licensing:

- Social media marketing course white label
- Sales copywriting
- Facebook marketing white label
- YouTube marketing course white label
- Internet marketing PLR course
TikTok marketing
- Instagram marketing
- Personal branding and influencer marketing
- Internet marketing white label course
- Digital marketing PLR courses

Discount On White Label Online Course Platform

You can do more than license courses to white label them to resell on your website. You can get an entire white label online course platform created for you. That would get you a business in a box so to speak where everything you need is created and ready to sell. With this option, you get a choice of licensed online courses, an online course website with the courses already to sell, or coaching. You can have any combination of those services.

Discount On An Online Course Franchise

With the online course business franchising model, you get all the options available with the white label online course platform, but instead of having a choice of which options you will choose, you get all three options. The options are licensed courses, an online course website with courses that are ready to sell, and coaching to help you succeed.

More Udemy Deals

Stay up to date with the latest in Udemy deals and promotions by visiting my Udemy deals page. If you are interested in more marketing courses, check out the page that lists my SEO course discounts. There are also specific pages with discounts on Udemy marketing courses and YouTube courses.

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