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My name is Alex Genadinik. I've been in Elearning since 2014 and have over 250,000 students. Here is my Udemy teaching profile. In this article, we'll cover:

1) What is a co-instructor.

2) When it helps to have a co-instructor.

3) When you don't need to have a co-instructor.

I am also available for Elearning coaching to help you plan, create, and promote your course.

What Is A Co-Instructor

A co-instructor is another instructor who participates in creating or promoting your online course. They may film some videos, but it's not always the case. Sometimes the role of the co-instructor is to promote the course and sometimes it's to manage the course and provide student support.

What Are The Benefits Of A Co-Instructor?

A co-instructor has a few major benefits. The first benefit is that they may provide expertise that is complimentary to yours, thus helping the course be better. This is the most and potentially the biggest benefit of having a co-instructor. The second best reason to have a co-instructor is if they have a big audience and can promote your course.

When To Not Have A Co-Instructor?

Even though having a good co-instructor can help your course, having a bad co-instructor can ruin the course and your experience with the course. If your co-instructor is bad at creating videos, slow at creating videos, doesn't deliver on what they promise to deliver, or quits at any point of the process, that will leave you having to do everything and with a lot of wasted time.

My Experience With First-Time Instructors

I've worked with around twenty different co-instructors over the years. A few quit before the course was launched and that almost always caused the course to never get launched, resulting in a complete waste of time. Other first-time instructors I worked with, mostly quit after the course was launched and didn't help with marketing and didn't stick around to help improve the course over time.

Only two co-instructors I worked with stuck around to help improve and promote the course long-term. But even then, those courses didn't do particularly well and remain some of my lowest-earning courses. Plus, on top of everything else, I don't collect all the revenue for the course because I have to split revenue with my co-instructor.

Revenue Split With Instructors

Most of the time, instructors split revenue evenly. I've only not done that once, and that was when I only helped to manage the course on Udemy, but didn't appear in the course and didn't provide too much value.

My Recommendation On Instructors

Don't do-instruct with first-time instructors. But if you have a chance to co-instruct with an experienced online instructor who is one of the best, definitely strongly pursue that as they can teach you many things and you will have a chance to create a financially successful course.

Explore My Courses

This site has a page with my best courses on discounts. The topics range from business to marketing. These are all my best courses. Notice that almost none of them are with co-instructors.

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Skipping The Course Creation Process

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To learn more about how to get into Elearning, here is a comprehensive page with everything you need to get started in Elearning.