Udemy Android app

This Android and iPhone app contains a number of coupons and discounts for some popular courses. The bulk of the courses are marketing and business courses. Right now the app is undergoing an update and will be relaunched soon.

For now, here are some pages to get Udemy course discounts whether you have the app or not.

- Get Udemy course coupons on all my latest courses.

- Understand how Udemy deals work and how to get updates on instructor promotions.

- All your questions answered in this Elearning FAQ.

How To Use This Udemy App

When the app relaunches, it will be available on Android and iPhone. Download the app and browse different categories of courses. Take advantage of the discounts that this app will continue to bring you.

More Udemy Coupons

Check out some of my top courses on sale that I have listed on my Udemy coupons page. And if all these discounts and coupons are confusing, here is a page where I explain the whole Udemy sale frenzy and how it works.

There are a few pages with Udemy course coupons for specific topics. Here is a page with Udemy SEO course discounts and here is a page with general Udemy marketing course discounts. Here is another page with YouTube course coupons and discounts.

A Few Specific Udemy Coupons

Here is a list of my other Udemy courses with discounts codes:

- YouTube marketing
- SEO courses
- Udemy marketing courses
- Udemy social media marketing courses
- Courses on how to make money online
- Cryptocurrency courses
- Metaverse and cryptocurrency courses
- Mindset course discounts
- Personal development course discounts
- Publicity courses
- Business planning courses
- Writing and English courses
- Instagram courses

Buy Or License My Udemy Courses To Resell On Your Site

Do you want to resell my courses for hundreds or thousands of dollars on your site? You can buy rights to my courses, or license them to sell them online. Imagine if you licensed 50 courses from me, sold them at $500 each, and got a client who bought all of them. This is $25,000 revenue from just a single person. You would need very few such customers to become immediately wealthy. Here is my page explaining how you can license Elearning courses to sell on your site.

When you license the courses, you can white label them almost in their entirety. When you white label video courses to resell you can edit just about any part of the course. The only part of the course that's not white labeled is the instructor in the course because obviously someone has to teach the course.

Specific Course Topics You Can White-Label

Marketing courses available for PLR licensing

- Internet marketing strategies
- Social media marketing
- Facebook marketing and Facebook ads
- YouTube marketing PLR course
- Internet marketing PLR course
- TikTok marketing
- Instagram marketing
- Personal branding and influencer marketing
- Sales copywriting
- Digital marketing PLR courses

Business plan and strategy courses available for PLR licensing

- Learn about all my PLR business courses - How to write a business plan
- How to write a marketing plan
- How to find your business niche
- How to start a business
- Customer service course

Productivity and personal development video courses for PLR licensing

- PLR personal development courses
- Time management
- Mindset PLR course
- Procrastination
- Management and leadership
- Motivation PLR course
- Emotional Intelligence
- Goal setting
- Spirituality courses
- Self-improvement courses
- Happiness and fulfilment

Sales courses available for PLR licensing

- PLR sales courses
- How to increase sales conversion
- B2B sales and lead generation
- How to boost sales of anything

Courses on how to make money online available for PLR licensing

- Affiliate marketing
- Ecommerce marketing
- Freelancing on Fiverr
- Bitcoin investing
- Business coaching
- How to write a book, sell your book on Amazon, and become a bestselling Amazon author
- Mobile app business

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Bitcoin video courses for PLR licensing

- Trading and investing in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
- Using Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in everyday life
- Understanding the basics of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
- Here is a page with all my available white label Cryptocurrency courses

Technology, programming, JavaScript courses available for PLR licensing

- This page offers more information on programming and technology PLR courses.

Elearning Franchise Opportunity With My Existing Courses

You can have an Elearning business created for you from scratch. You would have your own white label online course platform made for you, get my courses, and even get ongoing Elearning coaching from me until you feel confident on your own. Learn more about franchising opportunities on this page. You can start your online course business and have a website and courses set up so you can get started in as early as one month.

If you want to set up your own online course business on your own, here is a tutorial for how to start an Elearning business.