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My Books

Business And Marketing Books To Help You Plan, Start, And Grow Your Business

These books are based on questions asked by the millions of entrepreneurs who have come across my work, and the 1,000+ entrepreneurs whom I helped personally. If you are starting your first business, the books will likely answer many of your questions about how to start your business. Learn about all my business books here.


Introduction to marketing book
Fundraising ideas book
Small local business marketing book
How to start a business book
Personal branding and reputation management book

Elearning - My Courses

Over 125 courses on Udemy with 500,000+ students


Facebook Marketing To Boost Engagement by 1000%
Google SEO Masterclass From Beginner To Advanced
Time management For Professionals & Entrepreneurs
50 Productivity Skills for Entrepreneurs & Professionals

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Course Licensing

If you have an eLearning website or want to create one, you can have nearly unlimited online courses overnight by licensing my existing courses.

Book Licensing

If you want to give away books or sell them on your site, you can license my business and marketing books, and use them on your website.

Franchise My Elearning Business

Get en elearning website built for you with my online courses ready to be sold on it, and keep 100% of your lifetime revenue.

1-on-1 Business Coaching

If you feel that you need some one on one advice and guidance from someone who has been there before, and someone who has built a successful business, then my 1-on-1 business coaching service is a great option. I also offer marketing services like the Amazon PPC ads creation service.

Business Idea Or Business Niche

Book on how to start a business

Business & Start-up Ideas

Step by step guide on how to turn your business idea into a successful business.


How To Start A Business: Business Ideas To Success


Interested in business ideas?

Raising Money

Fundraising Book

Calculate how much money you need to get started and get the strategies to raise the amount of money you need.

Plan Your Business

Need to write a business plan? Want expert help planning?

How to write a business plan

Business plan template and example: how to write a business plan: Business planning made simple Paperback


Business plan today! Business planning made simple


Marketing For Your Business

Marketing Plan Template & Example

How to write a marketing plan


Marketing strategy to reach 1,000,000 people


Promote your business like a pro!

How I Can Help Your Business

Get help for your business with my personal help and business coaching, my software tools and mobile apps that can help you plan start your business, or my educational product like business books or online courses.