Start an Elearning business in one day

My name is Alex Genadinik. I've been in Elearning since 2014 and have over 500,000 students. Elearning is a fantastic industry. In this article, I'll give you a couple of options for how to get into the Elearning industry overnight.

1) Promote courses as an affiliate.

2) Sell content you licensed through PLR (Private Label Rights).

3) Creating your Elearning website for you.

Challenges With Creating Your Own Courses

After planning your course, a typical new instructor spends weeks or months creating their first course. That's a lot of work after which they only end up with one course.

Usually that course does not sell well because a first-time instructor is typically a beginner at filming video, presenting, teaching, maintaining high audio quality, creating a great course structure, and many other things that go into making a high-quality course.

That's a long time to work before knowing whether you will be able to sell your courses. That's why getting into this business quickly isn't just productive in terms of saving you time. It is also practical in that it helps you validate your ideas quickly.

1) Promote Courses As An Affiliate

If you don't want to spend time creating courses, you have some good options. The first option is to sell courses made by other instructors for an affiliate commission. You can do that by joining the Udemy affiliate program which pays 25% commission per sale, or by joining various other affiliate programs for online video classes on sites like Clickbank.

If you are interested in joining the Udemy affiliate program, here is the link to read about it and join.

The nice thing about the Udemy affiliate program is that it has a 7-day cookie which means that if the people you send to Udemy buy multiple classes in the 7 days after you initially refer them, you will get a commission for all those sales.

The main problem with Udemy's affiliate program is that since most courses are sold for around $10, the affiliate commission you would get per sale is only $2.50 which makes it very difficult to make significant money with this strategy.

2) Sell Courses Licensed Through PLR (Private Label Rights)

Licensing and reselling online courses is a popular way to get into the Elearning industry overnight by not having to actually create the content. Even though this option is not free since you have to pay the upfront licensing fee, it offers many benefits.

You can collect 100% of sales revenue which is much bigger than the affiliate commissions you would get. I actually have a PLR courses licensing option. In fact, if you want a website built for you, and some of my business coaching to guide you as you start your Elearning business, I also have an option to franchise my Elearning business.

3) Start An Elearning Business In One Day By Having Your Website Built For You

I can hep you expedite your online course business by building your white label online course platform to which I will upload the content which you either license from me, create on your own, or have custom-made for you.

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