How to plan an online course

My name is Alex Genadinik. I am a top 1% online course instructor with 500,000+ students. Here is my Udemy teaching profile. In this article, we'll cover:

1) How to plan your course topic and niche.

2) How to create your course on your own.

3) How to acquire existing courses.

How To Choose A Profitable Online Course Niche

A good course niche has two things: it should be in an area where you have expertise and it should have strong consumer demand. Niches that have a strong consumer demand are technology, programming, business, design, professional skills, personal development skills, and marketing.

If you want to create a course in a different niche, it can still work. But you must do more of your own marketing and building an audience to sell to. Additionally, if you will plan to make a course that isn't in a popular niche, you will have to focus more on your own marketing through clever course positioning, making it intriguing.

How To Create The Course On Your Own

First-time instructors often make errors when it comes to getting the right audio and video recording equipment. Some instructors try to spend nearly nothing on equipment while other instructors go too far and spend too much money on equipment. While you definitely need a lot of different equipment for online courses, few pieces of equipment are very important.

Most first-time instructors think that the most important part of equipment is the camera you use, but not all courses use a camera to film. Many courses use a screencast recording style where you record what you show on the screen. But in all cases, you talk about something that you are teaching, so the microphone you use is the most important part of your online course equipment. Take a look at the different microphones that make sense for the type of course style you plan to create.

How To Aquire Online Courses Without Filming Them

One little-known strategy for new instructors is that they don't have to create courses that they plan to sell. There are plenty of existing courses you can acquire and resell. In fact, those existing courses are often better than new instructors would create because they are made by experienced instructors. You can buy online courses to resell and have those courses available for you overnight.

If you had to create your own courses, you'd have to spend time buying equipment, learning how to use that equipment, filming, and re-filming the videos for your course. That takes people from a few weeks to a few months. But it also takes time to perfect the course after it is launched, which is what I do with my courses which you can acquire. So you also save the months it takes to get student feedback and go through cycles of course improvement.

How To Plan An Online Course And Have It Created For You

It's much cheaper to buy existing online courses to resell, but sometimes there isn't an ideal existing course that fits your vision. If you don't find a suitable course to license, I can create a custom course for you. I offer done for you online course creation which is a process you explain your course vision to me, and I create the course for you. It won't be done as fast as if you licensed an existing course, but it will be much closer to what you envision for your courses.

How To Plan An Online Course And Have Your Course Website Created For You

If outsourcing course development or licensing existing courses sounds like a good option for you, I can help you further outsource your business by also creating your online course website and uploading your courses there. We will discuss your overall business needs, and I will create the white label online course platform for you to which I'll upload either the custom courses I create for you or existing courses you buy from me.

The online course website I can build for you will have full Ecommerce capability. You will be able to promote and sell your course immediately after the website goes live. You will also be able to maintain an email list with your website. The benefit of having everything outsourced is that you can focus on marketing and sales.

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