How To Get A Good Domain Name For Free

Your domain name is extremely important. It can help you with marketing and it is a factor in how every visitor to your site perceives your brand. In fact, a domain name can play a very large role in whether people visit your site at all. Your domain name is often the first thing people learn about your site so you have to make sure that your domain name makes a good first impression on them. Once you have your domain name, here is a tutorial on how to set up a WordPress site for your business idea.

What To Do When Choosing Your Domain Name

How To Tell Whether A Domain Name You Like Is Available And How Much It Costs

Once you have an idea for the domain name you want, take a look at which offeres a tool to check whether a domain name is taken, and how much it would cost to buy if it is available.

What Not To Do When Choosing A Domain Name

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How To Get A Domain Name For Free

When you create your website, you will need a domain name and a hosting plan. One hosting company BlueHost actually provides a free domain name for people when they choose to go with their hosting plan. Here is my full tutorial on how to set up your Wordpress website and get a free domain name.

If you choose a domain name that ultimately isn't very good, there is fix to a bad domain name. It is something called a 301 redirect. The way you fix a bad domain name, is in the future, buy a better domain name, and redirect your existing site to render under the new domain name.

Business Ideas: What Domain To Actually Get

Make sure that your business idea is fully vetted and planned. If you get a domain name for a business too early, the business direction might change so much that the domain you choose will no longer make sense in a short time. Here is a tutorial on how to get business ideas and make sure that they are fully vetted and planned.

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Ways To Make Money With Your Website

Here is a tutorial with 50 business ideas in which you can make money online.

Here is an introduction to marketing to promote your website

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Article by Alex Genadinik