In this article, I'll explain how you can promote your law firm with the exact strategies that are proven to get clients:

- Correct local business marketing
- Advanced SEO techniques
- Advertising
- Correct social media marketing that goes beyond simple social media posting
- Authority building
- Business networking
- YouTube
- LinkedIn

I will show you how to dominate in your city, later expand beyond your local area, and eventually get clients from all over the state, making you a dominant and large firm within your state.

Video tutorial for how to promote a law firm

Should you outsource your law firm marketing or learn how to implement it yourself?

I can teach you how to do your own law firm marketing, or I can do this for you. Here are your options:

1) Just read this article and get the right strategies to promote your law firm or your private legal practice.

2) Hire me to coach you on how to properly implement each strategy to make sure you are on the right track, and not making any glaring mistakes, which you are sure to do if you are not an experienced marketer. This is a cost effective option because you will use me as a guide and it won't require too much of my time.

3) You can also get my advanced premium training on marketing. Here is a list to my online course discounts.

4) Hire me to implement your entire online marketing strategy. This is the best and most costly option because I am one of the best marketing professionals there is. With quality comes cost, and also results.

For now, go ahead and read the rest of the article to get a sense of my marketing style and skills. It will give you a sense for whether you would like to work with me, and to what extent. Keep in mind that right now, I am offering an introductory 15 minute call for just $5 to give you a chance to chat with me, and see if we are a good fit. Here is a page where I explain how you can hire me as a business coach or a marketing consultant in this case.

How we will begin working together in a reasonable way

If I do this for you, I'll create the most professional marketing program for your firm out of all your competitors. Not only will you have the best marketing program out of all your competitors, it will also be reasonably priced.

Here is how I'll be able to give you a price that will be palatable for you. You and I will sit down for an hour or two, either in person or on Skype, and I will outline everything that needs to be done for your law firm's marketing. Once you and I agree on the scope of the strategy, you will tell me how fast or slow you want to go, and are able to go, and we'll agree on a weekly or monthly budget that will work for you in terms of price and effectiveness.

Local business marketing

A law firm is a local business, and the bulk of the marketing is typically local marketing strategies. These include dominating in local search, dominating in local business listing websites like Yelp and others.

Since many people search online when they need a lawyer, the number one priority is to rank your website and other web properties like a Yelp listing or YouTube videos on the first page of Google.

Local SEO and SEO in general

When people need a lawyer, they first ask their friends and colleagues for referrals. If they don't get a good referral for the type of lawyer that satisfies what they specifically need, they begin to do their search for a lawyer or law firm online.

It is ideal that when people search for a lawyer or a law firm online that they find your firm. Your challenge is that every other lawyer is competing with you. The next challenge is that there are only 10 listings in the Google top 10, and many of those are taken either up by irrelevant sites like Wikipedia or websites like Yelp or other big sites. That give you very few available spots on Google where your law firm can appear.

Don't worry. This is why you are here. You are in good hands. I am the best, and I will help you become one of the top lawyers or law firms in your area.

There are many ways you can beat your competition. In this article, I'll explain many of the most effective ways you can beat your competition which you can implement on your own. Of course, the devil is in the implementation details. You can try on your own, but it is probably a guarantee that I'll be able to implement these strategies better if you hire me.

For now, follow this tutorial. It will help you understand what to do and how to best do it. It will also help you understand where your current strategy is falling short. For example, if your current strategy sounds similar to "I'll promote my law firm with Facebook, Twitter, business cards and fliers" then you need a much more professional strategy. Every marketing beginner says exactly that phrase.

If you are serious about growing your legal practice, you will need something much more professional because many of your competitors have been in business for many years and have spent large amounts of money trying to rank in Google. Again, don't worry, I'll help you beat them. But you will have to be very professional about your approach.

Keyword research for SEO

The first way you will be more savvy than your competitors is by being more intelligent about the keywords you choose to rank for in search.

For example, your competitors might try to rank for a term like "business lawyer in New York" or "family law firm in New York." Those are great keywords to rank for, and most law firms would stop there. But while these are the best keywords to rank for, they are also the most competitive as every lawyer in the city is trying to rank for that. What you can do that most people don't do is think outside the box when coming up with your keywords.

Some additional keyword examples are:

- problem points people might have. For example, "how to register a business" instead of "start-up lawyer." When you and I work together, we can brainstorm these keywords together. The more good keywords we come up with, the more potential traffic and clients you will get.
- solutions people might seek instead of your service name. For example "create trademark" instead of "trademark attorney."
- synonyms to the word lawyer like counsel, litigator, attorney, law office or similar terms
- synonyms to things people need like "intellectual property" instead of "trademark."
- zip codes where you get most clients
- neighborhood names
- district names
- county name
- state name

Having such a wide variety of keywords will give you an opportunity to rank for many more searches than you would have originally, and all these keywords are less competitive to rank for than the main keyword that everyone tries to rank for.

If you and I work together, eventually you will rank for all the keywords, but these secondary keywords will be easier to rank for, and will help you gain some quick wins, faster traffic and clients.

YouTube and other search platforms

One you've done the intelligent keyword research, you can apply those keywords to other search engines. Think of search beyond Google. YouTube is a search engine. Amazon is a search engine. Yelp is a search engine, and so are many other very large websites that can get you traffic directly, and can also rank im Google search. This way you will have multiple listings in the Google top 10.

Get on the Google map

Do you notice how whenever you search for something locally, the Google map is almost always the first item to come up below the ads? We are going to get you on that map. Register your business with and you will begin to show up on the Google map. If you and I work together, I'll work to make sure that you are the first law firm to come up on the map.

Advertising for your law firm

Advertising means paying for traffic.

Many people think that all they have to do is run Google AdWords or Facebook ads and get clients through that. While that can work for you, as with everything else, the more professional you are in your approach, the better your results will be.

A professional advertising strategy has two components:

- Retargeting ads
- Creating ads the good old way, but making them more effective

Retargeting happens when someone visits your site, but leaves. You need to get them back on your site. The way to do that is by running retargeting ads on Google AdWords and Facebook. These ads will follow your potential clients all over the web, and keep reminding them to get in touch with you. These ads are also much cheaper and are more highly converting because the people advertised to already know you, and have already been on your site.

Branding your law firm like a million bucks

First impressions matter. If you and I work together, I'll help you and your website represent yourself in the best way possible that will instill confidence in potential clients, trust in you, and get them to want to work with you.

Free law advising to get leads

You can also approach local organizations which have access to many of your potential clients, and offer them some of your time where their clients can have a 15 or 20 minute free session with you on some specific date. This will line up a number of potential leads for your business that you can talk to within an hour or two. It will get your law firm's name out there, build relationships and maybe turn into a client.

Types of law firms I can help to promote

I can help promote injury lawyers, Real Estate Law, immigration law firms, corporate litigation law firms, criminal and social justice law firms, family law firms, and many other types of law firms.

Business networking and business card marketing

When you are not working with clients or doing your online marketing, you should be attending business networking events and talking to many people there. For example, if you help businesses and start-ups, you should be at small business and entrepreneur events every evening, networking there.

At some point, you can even consider sponsoring some of the events so that the organizers would give you a brief mention and extra promotion.

Many attendees at these events may need a business lawyer at some point, and if you make a good impression on them, and keep in touch with them, they might consider hiring you when they need a lawyer.

Types of law firms I can help to promote

- Personal Injury Lawyer
- Estate Planning Lawyer
- Bankruptcy Lawyer
- Intellectual Property Lawyer
- Employment Lawyer
- Corporate Lawyer
- Immigration Lawyer
- Criminal Lawyer
- Medical Malpractice Lawyer
- Tax Lawyer
- Family Lawyer
- Workers Compensation Lawyer
- Contract Lawyer
- Social Security Disability Lawyer
- Civil Litigation Lawyer
- General Practice Lawyer

How to dominate you entire state and create a very big law firm

If you become very good at marketing, you can replicate the strategies I just outlined in every city in your state. If you get clients from every city in your state, you will have a big law firm.