Employees You Need To Spend More Time With

You should spend time with every employee in the business at some time. However, there are a few who will demand a bit more attention than the others. By failing to prioritize your time, you might get a more even approach, but you could miss putting your effort in the places that can really benefit the business. That’s why we’re going to look at those people who probably deserve a lot more of your time than you’re currently giving.

The squeaky wheels

We’re not talking about the employees who complain enough. Sometimes complaints are valid, sometimes you have to set boundaries. For instance, your place is not the place to gossip unless you’re reporting something that breaks the law or the company policy. Instead, it’s the employees who are falling behind. You need a system that monitors performance, productivity, and efficiency. When you start seeing drops in those numbers for some employees, then you need to help find the solutions that can get them up to speed. As often as it can be a personal problem, it can just as easily be an issue with the workload, the methods they use, or even you unevenly distributing work. All these problems can be easily solved with a bit more time put into thinking up solutions with the employee.

The money maker

Then there are those on the other end of the spectrum. Those who are doing the jobs that get the customers in and make you money. These are your money-makers and you need to keep them happy, engaged, and equipped for the job. For instance, in a lot of businesses, these will be salespeople, so arranging sales awards, sales meetings, and providing better data by finding quality leads can help them do their job. Pay no attention to your money-makers and they won’t feel valued, they won’t feel engaged, and they won’t be motivated to keep making you money. This is where you need to think about the needs of the team beyond the pay.

The future leaders

As a business expands, you’re going to need more management material. Hiring internally is often the best option for a variety of reasons. It shows everyone that progression and a future in the business is possible. It takes someone who is familiar with the business and puts that knowledge to use. They need more than that knowledge, however. They need a bird's’ eye view. They need to see what you see. If they have potential, then you should consider mentoring them and hiring a business coach to give them the rest of the skills they need to be the kind of leader that you can really rely on. Then you can rest assured they’re ready to take the reins when you hand them over.

Keep polishing those with the best potential for the business and keep removing the barriers that stop people from pulling their weight. As we said, you should take a bit of time with every employee, but identify those who need a little more attention and you’ll find those who can provide real excellence.