When you talk about your company, you want to be brief and extremely clear. This helps people quickly understand your business and ask more questions if they are interested.

Here is a template for how you can explain your company very clearly at a high level in about 30 seconds. There are 3 to 5 main points you need to cover based on how much you want to divulge. Here is the template:

1) I am (planning/started/growing) company (fill in your company name)

2) Which is a (website? physical store? mobile app? restaurant?)

3) For (fill in your target audience here).

4) The company aims to (fill in what is the purpose of the company, or what does it do for the target audience)

5) By (explain what the company will do differently or uniquely)

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Business Pitch Examples and Templates

Example for a restaurant: I am considering opening a high end Italian restaurant in downtown London because there are currently no such restaurants there.

Example for a website: I recently launched a website for people who like to work on classic cars. The website has articles and videos with tutorials for how to work on cars.

Example for a gardening company: I am in the planning stages of opening a residential lawn care and gardening company in San Francisco which will focus on providing the best customer experience with the lowest prices.

Example for a technology:

I am in the planning stages of mobile apps company in New York. The company will create mobile apps that help people create business plans on their mobile devices.

Video Tutorial On Pitching A Business

Here is a video tutorial in which I explain the same concept of how to pitch your business. If you are someone who prefers learning by seeing examples, this video might be a helpful addition to the rest of this article.

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Discussion of what the business pitch needs to accomplish

The most important thing your pitch needs to accomplish is to be clear. If it is not clear, and the person listening to the pitch does not understand it, then the whole point of pitching the business to them is lost. So clarity is the number one priority. That is why the pitch examples are so short and to the point. Once you are able to explain your business clearly, you can add various components to your business pitch such as how you will make money, the competition, and more about the product and the secret sauce.

But remember that as you add various components to your pitch, the level of clarity must remain very high. Also, once you become more comfortable with pitching the business, you can try to add humor, or make the pitch personalized to the listener, or be inspirational in some way.

Also, do not forget to stop at various junctures to see whether your listener has questions about a particular part of your pitch. They may want to take the conversation in a different direction if something in your pitch sparked an interest.

Longer Business Pitches

If your initial pitch goes well, you may engage in further conversation with whover you are pitching. If they are an investor, they might invite you to give them a longer pitch of about 5-10 minutes and ask for a business plan or a slide deck presentation.

Pitching At Events

As your business grows, you may need to present your business at events. The typical time a business gets to present is about 3-5 minutes. In these 3-5 minutes, you must go over the basics as you would in your 1-minute pitch, but also add more depth about the product, your secret sauce, and possibly your competitive environment and what makes your business different.

After Your Pitch

Usually, there is something that needs to happen after you pitch your business. You may hand the person your business card, or tell them to visit your website, or suggest a meeting. The person on the other hand, will want to learn more about what you are doing if they are interested. You should have somewhere where they can learn more about what you are doing. Even if it is just a basic blog, or a basic site. If you currently do not have a website, check out our tutorial on how to set up your site quickly and professionally. In any case, when you pitch, try to already have the next steps in mind for that business relationship.

And to make sure your pitch is even more effective, ask the other person more about what they are doing and their background. That way you will be able to change your pitch to match their background where it may make sense to do that.

Why You Need A Business Pitch

Most entrepreneurs don't focus much on their business pitch. That is understandable because the process of starting a business can be difficult and overwhelming. There are many challenges, and creating a good business pitch just does not seem to be a high enough priority for most entrepreneurs. But the reality is that if you are talking about your start-up with potential co-founders, potential clients, and potential investors, then you are pitching your business idea many times a day every day. If you want to get the best results from all those conversations, you should definitely have a strong and clear business pitch that you can use to clearly and effectively communicate what your company does. If you are clear, it will help you have more productive conversations with whoever you pitch to.

Credit Attribution

Credit Attribution: The pitch template was borrowed from Adeo Ressi of the Founders Institute.

Further Resources For Pitching Your Business

I am available to help you as a business coach. We can work together to help you craft an ideal business pitch. I can also help you refine your business and growth strategies. Here is a page that explains how my business coaching works. You might also find it helpful to get my business plan book to help you create a solid strategy for your company.

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Here is an article from Entrepreneur magazine about how to pitch your business. For other business resources, explore sba.gov.

Before you learn to pitch your business or your business ideas, you should plan your business. One thing you should consider is which business niche to get into. Here is a tutorial on how to choose your business niche.

Article by Alex Genadinik